Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Does It Really Matter?

Seriously folks, we are on the brink of Socialism but does it really matter? Much like the Borg Collective our society has assimilated the idea that the individual rights assigned to the citizens are worth less than the collective hysteria surrounding the "Common Good" Idealogy. It really is mass hysteria after all. All the grandstanding and propaganda in the world isn't going to change a pig into a horse. It's a sideshow, a simple slight of hand trick that allows the elitist rulers to usurp a little more of our freedoms and facilitate the dependency of a nation on it's leaders.

This country wasn't founded on those principles. The leaders currently running this country into the ground would have been tried for treason and hanged on the white house lawn if there were any or the original patriots left in this country. There has been fanfare and cheering as our freedoms fall into the gutter of loss and forfeiture. The collective jeers at any who stand up for individual rights. Their biggest fear is that they will no longer be trendy in their hate for the cause of the moment. Their arguments are based on feelings and rainbows, not facts or research. They have nothing positive to give to society so they hate instead. Blind hate is boundless.

Don't believe the "if it saves one life" campaign. These are the same people responsible for more murder then any one citizen can think of. They stand behind Tanks, Helicopters, Aircraft Carriers and nuclear weapons as they talk about disarming the citizens they represent. Why wouldn't they. They have complete control over the military, police and (Publically Paid) private security teams defending them and their loved ones. By making us subjects, they will feel safer and you will not be safe. That is their agenda, to keep us scared enough that they can control us and make us more dependent on them.

These collectivists are the lowest possible forms of life on this planet. They take from everyone and give nothing. They are exempt from the very laws they pass, making them emperors, not public servants. The hypocrites scream about safety and murder rates right after they sign warrants to kill Americans overseas that they disagree with. These sycophants refuse to accept any responsibility for their actions and the repercussions. These unintended consequences are lost in the shuffle as they manufacture the next attack on our rights. The affordable care act is going to cost many poor people a quarter of their paycheck because the administration felt they needed to do something. They did it and now many full time workers are getting their hours cut to 30 or less to keep them under the minimum for ACA insurance coverage.

Change. How's that working out for all you lemmings that bought his propaganda and nebulous drivel? We are at depression era wealth levels and dropping. Our country is bankrupt and divided. We have no alternatives on what we can do. Keep at it until the bottom falls out, which it will soon enough. These morally corrupt thugs continue to live in opulence as the rest of the nation toils in the ditches to pay for their lavish lifestyles. And you better pay, or else we'll send our (private army) people to get you and lock you up.

What can you do about it? Nothing. The day you could have changed things was gone in 2006 from my most recent calculations. Back then we had a strong enough economy to change the direction of the economy without sacrificing our livelihood. All we can do now is wait to become subjects. There aren't enough patriots left to pick up the pieces when the music stops. The looters will assume the throne and the serfs will provide. If you think it's tough now, just wait. Once they take away your ability to overturn their rule, they will have no reason to use the citizens for illegitimate elections. They will be more bold and assume their positions the way tribal dictators do in Africa and the Middle East. With force.

Our latte inspired youth will fold and become the first generation to be molded into the fighting force for the looters. They will be so destitute that they will do anything for their next meal and a chance at a life other than servitude.

America is lost. We're just standing where it used to be. All you lemmings and collectivists have seen to it! I suggest you remove your O bumper stickers before things get ugly, all the people with the ability to defend themselves and oppress you won't appreciate your complicit behavior.