Monday, April 22, 2013

Boston: Proof that the US is losing the war on Terror.

The terrorist attack on Boston was further proof that the government is inept at protecting the people. The power to protect ourselves is paramount to our safety. The citizens are the best source of intelligence and the most motivated entity to ensure our lives and our future is secure.

Thousands of police were goaded into action by the administration to crush the rights of the citizens of Boston. Warrantless house to house searches were caught on camera and the FBI was on scene to ensure things were as fouled up as possible. Without a doubt, the terrorism was continued but this time by the authorities. It's wrong, it's illegal and the citizens should have resisted. The sheep were willing to cow to the will of big brother and refused to fight back like the good little sheep they are. What a pathetic display of Collectivism and complicit behavior. They deserve the masters they have put into power.

What the authorities did in response to the bombings was just as bad as the bombing itself. The trusted keepers of the peace broke the law and defiled those that lost their lives by taking the rights of the citizens and throwing them aside without a second though. The casualties grew as each door was kicked in and each sovereign citizen was searched illegally.Not only do the citizens have to fear the bombs of the terrorists, but the rifles and boots of the stormtroopers at their door. At least no innocent bystanders where shot up this time when the police state overstepped its bounds.

Once the veil of oppression was lifted, an honest citizen discovered the terrorist cowering in a boat on his property. Had the police not enacted the illegal state of martial law, the whole ordeal could have been over long before. Once again, pathetic.

The feds continue to allow our already porous border to be legally hopped by terrorists and those who wish us harm. The powerless are made powerful as they stand behind armies with cannons on the ready to mow down dissenters and those who don't agree with their convoluted version of the democracy we have become. The lemmings act as lions, even though they have no power past that they choose to exert with the very weapons they choose to hate. The citizens who choose to oppose tyranny are oppressed and ridiculed into inaction. The communists in office know that fear is the only motivator that will allow them total censure of the constitution- in the name of safety.

The terrorists have won. They have taken our rights and abridged them to the point that the country is unrecognizable as the bastion of freedom and equality it once was. The elected officials have become the terrorists agents in this land. They pass laws that only abridge the rights of the citizens. They choose to empower those that choose to give nothing back to the country that supports them. They continue to aid terrorist states and embolden enemy agents while ignoring the god given right of their countrymen. Tyranny is here.

Civil disobedience is the only answer. Do the right thing, oppose the terrorists and quit obeying those that wish to oppress us. Take their power away, once they realize they cannot control us, they will attempt to kill or imprison us. The day that happens, we can openly engage them. We give them the power to oppress us, take it from them. Disobey!


Pathetic act of the week. The first lady of the US skipping out on visiting the victims of the bombing, only to visit a Saudi foreign national suspected of being part of the bombing plot. So telling.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Firearms Selection

So many "experts" get hung up on having every gun under the sun to defend themselves. They feel they must have brand X or Y with these certain features and in this color with exactly the caliber they say. What a bunch of hooey. There are a few things you do NEED to have.

1. A functioning firearm
2. Cleaning kit for said firearm
3. Ammunition for the same firearm.
4. The skill to use it.

For a long time I've helped out from time to time at a gun shop that prides itself on making a customer for life out of the people who tread through the door. Over the last 17 years of hanging out there and buying hundreds of guns from the guys there, I've found many words of wisdom. The first of those being, beware the man with one gun, he more than likely knows how to use it.

Don't get hung up on which brand is the best or what sight system is optimal for certain conditions. The gun you have in your hand is the one that can get you out of trouble. The 16 in the safe are useless when you can't get to them.

Characteristics of a good firearm.

1. Functional 100% of the time
2. Sights you can see
3. Easy to use
4. Easy to reload
5. Proper weight and length for you to use in most environments
6. A caliber that is readily available
7. Accurate enough for your needs

If the gun won't work unless you jiggle the hammer a little, it's useless. If you can't aim it, why bother. If it's a single shot bolt action, you might have trouble with multiple targets. The L82A1 Barrett is a bad machine, but can you carry it in the woods or along your property line? There are a bunch of really cool rifles out there in exotic calibers, but will that be any use to you if you can't feed it or afford to feed it.? Accurate enough means just that, as long as you can hit a dirtbag sized target at the ranges you will more than likely engage at, you're good to go.

Being a certified gun nut, I have more than I need. I have multiple calibers and multiple platforms for engagement from point blank out to 1500 meters. I'm not saying everyone needs that, but I sure like mine. All but a couple of my guns are common calibers. 22lr, 12ga, 380acp, 9mm, 38spl/357mag, 40SW, 45acp, 223 and 308. I do have a couple odd balls. A 10mm and 300Win Mag. Why? Because I can. Common calibers ensure you can more than likely scrounge ammo in any situation. The 2 uncommon calibers I have are the ones I CAN get ammo for these days. Scary, right? 10mm ammo is going for $50 a box now and 300 WM is about the same, but it's available if I was out. I can't say the same for common calibers.

What would I consider a good "Stash" of firearms?

22LR rifle
12ga shotgun
A carbine in a common caliber. 223/5.56, 7.62x39, 308, 30-06
A pistol that can be carried concealed in a caliber above 380acp and below 41 magnum.
A pocket pistol in 22mag, 32, 380 or 9mm.
A bolt action scoped center fire rifle in a common hunting caliber.

A collection like this would have an arm available to fit the needs of most people in a serious need to defend themselves or feed themselves. I will say this though, a man with a 10/22 rifle and home field advantage could put a hurting on some well trained operators.

There is no replacement for trigger time. The more you shoot the better you will become. Training will speed up your abilities as well. I really can't stress that enough. A good instructor can shorten your learning curve by years. They can short cut you past all the mistakes people make in the beginning and allow you to focus on proper techniques and build confidence in your abilities. If you think about it, it's the cheapest way to become a better shooter. You can shoot 10k rounds a year and get very good, or take a few classes at 500 a pop and be thousands of dollars ahead monetarily and months ahead as well.

Any machine that isn't used will fall into disrepair. Practice!

A large stock of ammo is secondary to being able to utilize the firearm. If you have stashed up thousands of rounds of ammo, but haven't trained because you wanted to hoard it, you're behind. Have a decent stash, but concentrate on keeping your skills sharp. That ammo will only do the next guy good if you lose your first gun fight because you're rusty.

In closing, I'll offer a last bit of sage advice. If you find yourself in a fair gunfight, your tactics suck. If I'm forced to defend my life, I'd prefer to take the shot at 600 yards with a high powered rifle. The less danger you put yourself in the better your chances of defeating the opposition.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

What is wrong with you people?

So it's raining pretty hard this evening and my son's soccer coach decides he's going to go ahead and have practice anyway. I'm good with that so after practice I decide we're going to head to Hooters for dinner. While eating my 3 mile island wings I run into a guy I haven't seen since I quit racing in the late 90's. He and I are chatting and I see some gal letting her kids get their slimy fingers all over the people behind them, she even laughs about it. I look a little closer and I can see it's a lesbian couple and what seems to be a grandfather. The kids have mismatched shoes and dirty clothes while the moms have new jordans and gold chains, etc. The moms clothes were spotless and of the best ghetto name brands money can buy.

What the hell is wrong with you people? Take a little pride in your kids! Buy them some decent clothes and teach them to be polite and courteous. These hood rats will some day become the future of our society. Scary thought!

On their way out, one of the moms decides it's necessary to berate one of the children with profanity in order to get the child to speed up. Moral decay is the norm. Jerry Springer was created to make the morally corrupt feel like they are normal. This is what becomes of society under our current social model. Congratulations to all those who think everyone should be tolerant of the changing social structure. It's done so well the last few decades. Disgusting to think of what my children will have to put up with in the future. I wonder when Necrophilia will be a more mainstream sexual orientation? It's not hurting anyone. Silence is implied consent in many cases, so what now?

What is the reason we covet this decayed structure we call society? Because we're equal, right? Not even close. When will intelligence become the next controlled or hated social stigma? Those smart kids have it better than the rest of us, we need to dumb them down in order to make the job market more accessible to those of us with lower IQ's. Where does it end?

Our country wasn't created to care for people. It was created to guarantee the rights of the individual and the safety from foreign invasion. That's it. What we have now is so many Americans who loot and pollute the system that we will never be able to become a successful country til we drop the ballast. 3 layers of government is too many. 3 tax bills for competing services is too much. Why? Because it feeds the hungry, and the more hungry you are, the better you get fed in our screwed up system. The less you do and the less you contribute, the more you get from the system.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gun laws are a sham and they know it.

When all is said and done, the nutjob that killed those kids in Connecticut broke over 100 laws to do so. He broke the laws to gain access to the weapons, broke the law to take them into a school zone, then broke it again by taking innocent lives. Do these Idiot congressional seat holders really think adding one more will make it all better? No. They could care less about those kids. They are standing on the graves of children in order to gain the political capitol required to pass unconstitutional laws.

Not a single law that has been proposed would have stopped or slowed the perpetrator. Think about that. These people are all aware that the laws won't help stop the violence. They don't care. They want to push their socialist agenda for any reason. Why waste a good tragedy when it's a good excuse to make the entire US like the war zone Chicago has become. I realize the murder rate has dropped a bit in the first 3 months of 2013, but that will change with the warmer weather. The frigid spring has kept the hooligans inside.

I don't see our twice elected leader of the executive branch wailing over the deaths of the kids in Chicago every night. He's never even mentioned how this law would help them, especially since they already have tougher laws than this on the books and it does nothing. Record murder rates year after year. Elsewhere in the US with proper gun laws, the rates continue to drop. Not even 150 miles away, Indianapolis is seeing the lowest murder rates in years. The legislature in Indy continues to loosed gun restrictions to ensure the public can exercise their birthright and protect themselves from crime, tyranny and oppression.

All the DOJ and ATF studies outline data in support of my position, yet the lawmakers ignore it. It's time to throw out the trash people. This next election cycle, find an oath keeper to run for your state seats. Install a patriot at all costs. The future generations depend on your actions to stave off a civil war. Unless you vote these dirtbags out, we will be forced into a liberation cycle just like so many civilizations before ours.

Updates later today.

So many issues to speak to and out the collectivists.