Monday, February 2, 2015

Cache Locations and Strategy Family Cache #1

Over the past year and a half, I have invested heavily in training and Cache locations. Why you ask? The answer is a complicated one, but the greatest reason is due to the tracking ability of our nefarious leadership. There is little to nothing you can hide from them unless you have a very serious plan in place to combat their plans. I'm not a criminal, I have no convictions of any kind above a couple traffic tickets in my youth, and shouldn't be on the radar for most authorities. That doesn't mean that bad things cannot happen to me and my family.

A few years ago, a local thug talked his girlfriend into blowing up her house for insurance money to sustain their obvious drug habit. They filled their house with natural gas and it exploded the next time the furnace turned on. It was a fairly warm day and far more gas than intended flowed into the house before it blew. 2 neighbors lost their lives and hundreds of houses were damaged. Several had to be bulldozed. No car traffic was allowed to leave the scene and victims were taken to a school for evacuation. The ATF, FBI and local authorities closed off the neighborhood for their investigation and hundreds were homeless for weeks until the investigation was complete, as well as the local inspectors deemed the houses to be salvageable and/or liveable. People were literally thrown out of their houses in their PJ's with the clothes on their backs. A Cache of some type would have been the only way to operate should the incident be a long running one. I did a story on it at, click if you would like to read it. It was my first submission of many posted on survival websites.

In recent news, swatting has become a fad for the insane and progressive left. A man  called in a bomb threat on a person he disliked. The police did a no knock raid (Don't get me started on this practice) on the home of a prepared person. The home owner defended his house and fired on officers without knowing who they were. The police chief was hit in the exchange of fire. Until the entire issue was sorted out, I'm sure the man lost his firearms and his house became a crime scene. Once again, he only source of protection could have been a cache. Swatting Raid

These are two very public instances where even innocent people can be displaced from their homes without means unless they have a backup plan. Your personal situation will dictate the size and type of cache you will need. You should first determine the scope of your needed items as well as the logistics of placement and retrieval. My personal Caches are fairly outlandish in scope, overlapping in items and range widely in location. That's not for everyone. A simple cache at a free location, such as a family member, would be a start.

What's a "Simple" Cache in my mind? Relatively innocuous everyday items you would need if you lost your house. This Cache would get you by for a day or two until you could get into a hotel or would keep you clean and clothed for a day or two at your relative's house. Every day items would be the key to keeping some normalcy during a time of stress or strife. Clothing, toiletries of the type you normally use (toothbrushes, deodorant, shampoo, soap) and that your family likes, some cash, candy, duplicate credit cards, car keys, house keys, insurance information, insurance cards, important files in a flash drive, and any medication that is crucial to your survival. This Cache would be prudent to keep your family from getting overwhelmed in an emergency.

A complex Cache can be as outlandish as a travel trailer or cargo trailer on rented space at a self storage location or friends property. It can be filled with everything you would need to survive the zombie apocalypse in style. I would propose something in between the outlandish and basic.  Consider your personal budget and needs to strategically choose what you need for what events are possible for you area.

The Cache can be whatever you want it to be and wherever you want it. It's up to you. In order for it to be successful, you should practice with all the items you have Cached. Access is a key feature you need to decide is important. If it's a deep cover Cache, you may want to place it underground or hidden in a secret area of your house or property. Here are some unique ideas I've heard of, used in the past, or talked about in a group.

One of my favorites uses big brother against himself. A gentleman mailed his Cache to himself at a rent a mailbox location. It's small and legal to mail, but has some good stuff in it to keep him fed and comfy for a while. Here are some other locations to consider.

A friends house, (tribe member's house)
At a family members house or property
Vacation property
Storage unit- Be careful, these are reported to a searchable database in my state.
Buried - Be sure of adequate water intrusion protection
Hidden compartment in your home- Watch for moisture
In a hollow fencepost
Abandoned car at a friends property
In your trunk
In your gym locker

Be resourceful. Starting a company that doesn't make any income is an easy way to mask your identity and be able to Cache in locations that would normally be searchable to authorities. Same goes for vehicles. A company beater truck with Farm plates is about the ultimate Camo for where I live. A beater Minivan chock full of supplies in a storage facility may be your best bet. It may cost you a nominal fee, but how much is a piece of mind worth? I know I pay far more for insurance than a storage bay, and the storage bay gives me far more piece of mind. Consider local laws before registering a company in your state. What's legal here may not be legal there.

Post up if you have questions or know of any unique storage solutions I haven't covered.


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