Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Shutdown

If it were only that easy. Just pull the plug and it all stops! The endless laws that curtail freedom, the least of our society living off the best, The best feeding off the least, the subjugation of our lives and wealth all ended at the flick of the switch. We have found out that none of that is true, and it's becoming increasingly obvious that the inverse is reality.

Our rulers have decided, (without influence from the electorate) that it's best for the country to feel the "shutdown" as an affliction instead of a stumbling block. They have seen fit to spend more money locking people out of parks and making the shutdown felt as roughly as possible. Instead of the federal police and rangers patrolling the sites and ensuring a safe place to enjoy the parks that were bought and paid for with public money, they have decided to shut them off to spite everyone, paying overtime and renting barricades to ensure the (still taxed) public is kept at bay. This is shameful to say the least, and criminal at best.

If you remember the horrible "Sequester" cuts that came and passed without much notice, you will remember that the powers that be did their best to make sure that the cuts were felt as deeply as possible. The sequester cuts were also meant to inflict as much pain as possible so that our leaders could have a little solace in not getting their way. "We'll show them" has become the mantra of the elitist ruling class. The only ones not affected are those deemed politically motivating to the establishment. 

Why have the bankruptcy advocates (Congress) made the Affordable Care Act out as the scapegoat? In all reality, the ACA is just another entitlement program that will further impoverish the country. Sooner or later bankrupting us and our children into the 3rd world country we deserve to be for squandering the greatest wealth the world will ever see. We will all feel the pain eventually, there is no way to avoid it! Our society cannot sustain itself.

Our country is further divided ideologically, and our "benefactors" in Washington continue to feed on that division with a diabolical efficiency. The people are their own worst enemy for believing in the hate and foul behavior of the electorate. That division gives them the power they need to ensure that the moderates will never control the government. Only rabid left or right wing idealists will be chosen to keep the country on the brink of civil war for the foreseeable future. The complicit media is riding shotgun for this joyride to the brink of disaster and is (currently) exempt from any form of responsibility for the outcome.

Everyone is so busy pointing fingers and muttering the words so eloquently prefaced in any of Rand's novels, "It's not my fault, there was nothing I could do!"  that they have no interest in the tragic events that are about to befall this once great nation.

This country is STILL legally required to spend more money than it takes in. There is no way to stop that slide unless everyone s willing to take control of their destiny. We all want to get as much tax money as possible back under our purview as possible. It's the American way! We have all become experts on how to spend other people's money, how best to bankrupt those opposed to us. The middle class wants to keep their money, bankrupting just about everyone! The poor, rich and electorate want to suck the middle class dry because they are the biggest demographic. The problem is that the middle class is shrinking due to the taxation and regulation of industry and small business. Not just at the federal level, but in many localities, the city and state government is soaking them for as much tax money as possible.

Where does this lead us? Let's look at the facts. Shrinking tax base, higher taxes. More poor, higher taxes. More bailouts and pork barrel spending, higher taxes. Illegal aliens demanding benefits, higher taxes. Electorate raises, higher taxes. More government employees, higher taxes. All this leads to a shrinking tax base and an unending cycle of failure.

There's a certain point where we will have a shutdown because there will no longer be lenders willing to borrow from. Then what? Just like in current times, the electorate and elitists will choose to make the middle class suffer the hardest. New revenue sources will be required to keep the unruly beast in Washington fed. They will squeeze until they are told to stop, then they will squeeze harder, with no pretense on helping American families. At that point we will have to remove them from the population in order to survive.

People will suffer, the economy will suffer as well if we end the debt cycle. The renewed economic cycle will allow the economy and the people to heal. Federal jobs will be lost on a wholesale scale. Unemployment will skyrocket and there will be a huge depression. That same unemployment will be the greatest thing to happen to America since the industrial revolution. Once again, family businesses and a cottage industry will begin to reign supreme. Quality products and foods will once again find their way to market. The same types of businesses that started this nation will once again be the backbone of society. Work hard and prosper!

We have a choice, pay now or pay more later. In order to pay now, we must remove political parties from the landscape of politics, with whatever means necessary. We have to take a good hard look in the mirror and decide to let the government falter at the federal level. States must have more rights and responsibilities to govern the people within the framework of the constitution. The federal government's role MUST be held to those required responsibilities listed in the constitution. All others are left to the people, or the states. The constitution must be the only Agenda in the thoughts and minds of those in power in Washington.

The further we've gotten away from the ideals of the founding fathers, the worse our quality of life has been. In order to be free, we must throw off the chains of financial servitude to the ruling class. They will "Make it hurt" every chance they get.

Do your part, run for office as an independent and vote for independents. The last option we have requires effort and good marksmanship. Let's not go there unless we have no other choice.