Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Cache Contents and Strategy # 3-Grey Man

One of the kits that was explicitly asked over at Total Survivalist Blog was to check out the Grey Man Cache I keep. I haven't had the time to swing by the location when I've been in the area, but I can explain the things I chose and go over the contents of the Cache.

Location: This Cache is stored at a VERY secure location due to the items that are kept in the kit. It's just outside the city I live in in an alarmed commercial property with no retail outlets near it. Business/warehouse space only. It's only accessible by someone with a key and the pass code for the alarm. An extra key is always available. The contents are insured by the business and I do some work for them from time to time as "rent". The kit is kept in a box labeled "Rags" and is at the top of a closet that you need a ladder to get to. The box above mine is labeled "Bubble Wrap" and is the owners son's kit.

Need: I would use this kit if something happened to jeopardize my freedom, or if I needed to travel in a hurry without being able to access my bank accounts or credit cards. This is also a "Safety Deposit Box" that has no government records. The contents are low key, readily available and are meant to blend in and not draw attention to the user.


Clothing: I have a standard set of clothes, jeans, tshirt, plain UA fleece sweatshirt, a skull cap and a ball cap to an auto parts store. None of the items have a local connection, such as a college or pro sports team or aggressive pass time such as racing or shooting. Those clothes are vacuum sealed in a plastic bag to keep the smell of the site out of them. 2 other sets of clothes are done the same way. One set is for hiking, with columbia zip off leg pants/shorts and hiking quality shirt and rain jacket/wind breaker. The last set of clothes is a bit more tactical, but subdued. Blackhawk TNT khaki pants and a navy polo shirt with no logo. I have an old pair of Brooks Cascadias that are about half used up in there as well. All of the items of clothing are synthetic except for the first set of clothes. I want to be able to blend wherever I need to go, be it the rural towns, metro areas or wilderness. Totals: pants-3, Shirts-3, Underwear-4, socks-4, sweatshirt-1, Wind breaker-1, shoes-1, skull cap-1, ball cap-1, gloves-1. Ancillary gear- Paracord bracelet, ESS crossbow sunglasses, cheapo fleece gloves and a non metallic black SOE trouser belt. More on the belt later.

Adding- Backup laces, Ear buds, small radio

Gear: A small Ti Alcohol stove, CKRT small folder, toaks ti cup, 2- 24oz nalgene bottles, Katadyn hiker filter, green tarp, Jungle bag and liner, green lightweight hammock, trac phone, Chinese ham radio, solar charger, AA/AAA Eneloop batteries, AAA headlamp, AAA LED flashlight, small bic lighter, Maps to my secondary locations, button compass, lock picks(hidden), walking sticks, Ammonia in a sealed container, pepper spray, Micro SD card (well hidden), flash drive, Cheapo non GPS tablet in a ziplock freezer bag with charger, older Garmin GPS with both route areas to my location programmed in (topo maps), Otis cleaning kit, Flip Flops, 6 oz container of bleach, Doc Bonners soap, Deodorant, toothbrush, flossers, synthetic microfiber wash rag, synthetic chamois towel, Maxpedition case for toiletries, instant cofee, tea bags, energy drinks, small med kit with motrin and Cipro, nail clippers, round knife sharpener, flattened Toilet paper rolls-3, playing cards, 3 backpackers pantry meals, holloween size assorted chocolate bars, pen, paper, rite in the rain pad.

Adding- lifeboat ration bars, oral IV type drink mix, gorilla tape, sewing kit, laundry detergent single packs, tire tube patch kit, small tire pump, small tool kit.

Pack: Kelty backpack, it's the 45 or 50 liter pack, can't remember the name. I have the rain liner for it and a sealiner dry bag to line it with. The sealine can also be used to stash kit when entering a non permissive area. A Blackhawk fold up backpack is in the kit for giggles. Not sure who might be with you.

Weapons: Glock 26 with 250 rounds of ammo, all HP federal tactical. Clip draw and Saf-T-Blok installed for deep cover carry. Have a second threaded barrel and a solvent trap adapter. If you don't know what that is, look it up on youtube.

Adding- Take down 10/22 with a threaded barrel and mags.

Additional Items: Cash- 1500 in 50 to 5 dollar bills. The larger bills are tucked inside the zippered stowaway SOE belt. 10 dollars face value pre 64 us coins, 20 silver 1oz rounds. A plastic low profile handcuff key is gorilla taped to the inside of my SOE belt, as well as a 1.5" ceramic blade.

Strategy: My plan is to walk away from the hot area, buy a bike at a store or pawn shop and bike to the location I wish to go. I have one close and one 250+ miles away. I can bike 50-60 miles a day no problem, even with a full load, but once I get about halfway there, I'll be lucky to get 40 a day due to terrain. I have a list of family and no tell motels on the way, as well as a few camps and state parks I can pay cash for rooms and sites. I have enough cash to purchase what I need without going to civilization to resupply and get cash. These days, you can live out of a gas station and eat decent food.

I'll update this Cache with pictures the next time I pull the Cache for updates.


  1. Tracfones are good burner phones, but all of mine require you make a call at least once every three months or you loose your number. At that point, you have to go live on the grid with them to restart your service and get you a new number. This is regardless of how many minutes and days of service you have bought. No call in three months, you loose the minutes and days and your number, and have to contact them to resotre your phones usefulness.

    The container of bleach is going to die over time, sealed or not.

  2. I've had the trac phone a while. No idea how long.


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