Thursday, March 21, 2013

Back from the Occupied Territory.

Well, that was quite a whirlwind trip, even for me. We drove from Indy to the Eastern tip of Long Island in an amazingly short time. We left at 5pm Sunday and were in South Hampton by 9am. It was decided that we needed to at least stroll along the beach for a minute. After seeing all the hurricane damage we found a spot to cross the dunes and nearly froze to death in the hard wind and 20 degree air.We collected sea shells and quartz rocks for the kids. The shells had ice in them, it was that cold.

We did our business and made the purchase needed by noon and headed for our next stop in Connecticut. We decided it would be best to take the ferry from Orient point to New London rather than attempt the horrific NJ/NY traffic. I was not thrilled with the crossing due to the fact that the only previous times I've been on a ferry, they were submerged. Not very confidence inspiring.

Once the crossing was complete, we headed for our next business transaction. Waterford I believe was the little backwater town we went to complete our final transaction. By the time we concluded business it was around 5pm. We found a decent hotel and headed for it while learning of an impending winter storm bearing down on us. Once we were settled into the hotel, we found a restaurant close by to our liking. It was a decent Italian place so we ate well for the first time on the trip. By this time I had been awake for 36 hours or more so I passed out when my head hit the pillow. We awoke at 4:30 to find we might as well sleep in due to the weather conditions. Let the plow trucks get things cleared before we try to make a pass through the mountains of Pennsyltucky. The drive was fairly arduous until at a fuel stop south of Cleveland, where I found that the alternator in the van I was driving had konked out. We found a shop willing to take the job and headed off the a bar/eatery close by. The service was lackluster to say the least.

Once the van was fixed, we were able to make good time and made it home by 2:30 am. we traveled 1840 miles in 2 1/2 days. Not including the ferry mileage. Mission accomplished.

What did I bring on my trip? My EDC carry bag/ Lightweight backpack with clothes and some snacks. Pretty basic! It's nice to know you can grab a small bag and know it's all you will need to get you through.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Heading to New York. Ugh

Off to the land of oppression and overzealous politicians. Wish me luck in my endeavors.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

ITS Tactical AK build class at Rifle Dynamics

Great read. As always, Information is lightweight, always available when you need it and once learned, needs no resupply. ITS is a valuable source for operational knowledge and tools for the informed. Using the skills learned on the site, I've expanded my usefulness and ability to overcome adversity.( AKA Locks)

A thorough read of their site is considered a requirement for a preparedness minded individual. I'm a big fan of their lightweight backpacking series and Ruck Up campaigns.

Insight into Collectivism.

This Sheriff is speaking out about the change in process and the totalitarianism of the legislature by silencing the public.

Historically, any citizen would be allowed to speak if they arrived at the Capitol early and signed up on testimony records. Although sign up sheets were in place and citizens including myself signed up, we were completely disregarded. Minutes after I signed up to testify, I learned a different process would be utilized and testimony was based on three categories: experts, preferred witnesses, and public witnesses. No explanation was provided to define expert or preferred witness. I was told this decision was made by the senate president and the chairperson of the hearing committee. Additionally, experts would have no time constraints and all others would be restricted to three minutes. I was completely disheartened at what I was witnessing and this was exacerbated when I learned experts included an individual that was not a resident of Colorado who had no credentials to qualify as an expert except his spouse was a victim of the Tuscan Arizona shooting. He admitted he had not read the proposed bill and could not speak to any specifics regarding this bill. He encouraged Colorado to adopt universal background checks and close the gun show loophole, both of which already exist. Sadly, he testified with unlimited restriction as voters and taxpayers of this state sat helplessly as they were denied the right to testify during committee hearings.

Then the legislature went even further into the toilet bowl that is politics under fascist rule

 To add insult to injury, the following Wednesday, I received an email containing the following language from a member of County Sheriffs Of Colorado: “…I have been advised by a reliable source at the Capitol that the Dems are seriously not pleased with the CSOC positions on the gun bills, and given the potential for a real salary bill to be introduced as you shall see from a follow-up email from” (an unnamed sheriff), “support of SB197 would put us in a more favorable light for salary bill support from the Dems. I do not believe we would be sacrificing our principles or positions on the other gun bills by supporting SB197.” “...Please let us know what you think on this proposal ASAP as I need to get a letter from us to the Senate Dems before the close of business today.” As I see it, senate Dems have made it known, “sheriffs, obey or no pay for you.” The first word that comes to my mind is extortion. Again, I’m disheartened that the pay of sheriffs is threatened to gain compliance with the majority party leadership. Local elected officials’ pay is set by the legislature as stated in Colorado Law. The previous governor’s process brought the need for a pay increase before the legislature and that legislature is attempting to buy compliance. I have great admiration for my fellow sheriffs; they are true professionals with high morals and principles. Having served with many of them for years, I can say they are men of honor with a passion to serve and do what’s right. I will not speak for them, but I personally will not concede to these threats, stand by while coercive acts such as this go without mention, nor will I compromise my values and beliefs for a justified pay raise based on studies performed by a bi-partisan commission formed by the democrat leadership. To be clear, this salary recommendation would have no affect on me, as I am term limited. Setting salaries is the responsibility of the legislature. This authority should not be used as a tool of coercion, but unfortunately it appears to have become such a device and there is nothing to suggest otherwise."

This is a sad day for the people of colorado. Once a bastion of freedom and rugged America, it's now controlled by socialists and elitists. Time for the people to stand and fight their oppressors when their voice is taken from them.  Magpul needs to leave the area ASAP. There is no freedom to be found in colorado.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Leading a double life.

I lead a double life. Most people seem to these days. By day we stroll the hallowed halls of industry, talking on our smart phone and enjoy the every day conveniences we've been taught to be accustomed to. By night we seethe about the injustices done to us in the name of safety. In what foreign universe would this ever make sense? By day we are not only complicit, but complimentary of the injustices we are yolked with. How may you ask? Simple, our paychecks have the funds used to enslave us automatically deducted. We are feeding the very system used to control us!

It's a stark reality that many just can't fathom until it's shoved under their noses. The worst thing is that we can do very little about it. Without a way to support ourselves, we cannot survive! Maybe not; look at the 51 million people in America who are on Welfare or Food Stamps(131billion dollars). They are living just fine in subsidized housing. Or better yet, lets look to the hallowed halls that employ us. US corporations receive over 100 Billion in direct government monetary support. This doesn't include Tax incentives or loopholes. Cold hard cash only.

Makes it hard to go to work when you consider the implications. Who pays for it? Our kids will, as well as their kids. Without a doubt, there will come a day when Welfare systems associated with individuals and corporations will cease to exist. They are unsustainable in the long term and extremely costly in the short term when you consider what we are getting in return for our money. Bloated budgets, paid for government officials and representatives. Then we add interest on the national debt which must be paid!

The day it stops will be even more costly. People who have no understanding of debt and accountability will suddenly be cut off from their only means of survival besides crime, prostitution and begging. The corporate world will feel very limited impact, so why continue it in the age of huge national debt and soaring cost of living increases? Because it pays for the election campaign costs to get their sponsored Driver representative elected.

I'm a Christian. That slim minority forced into the shadows in favor of other more "Cool" religions that are being hoisted into the national spotlight as a "Protected" religion that cannot be questioned. Being a Christian means I have a set of values and beliefs I hold dear. My religion tells me to go out and preach to the people about the greatness of my God. I'd like to think I do more than I really do in that regard, but I digress. As an American, I cannot push my religion on someone who is unwilling to embrace it. That would be wrong. They must choose to follow! Anyone not choosing to follow isn't my enemy; I wish no harm to come to them if they are a non believer. I cannot hold them to the same values as I aspire to. I cannot stop them from engaging in acts that I disapprove of unless they are harming someone against their will or harming those without the ability or experience level to choose for themselves. This is the biggest juxtaposition in my life. I want people to live like I do, but I cannot legislate or force them to do so simply because I think it's best for them. That is wrong.

I have friends that goad me about my faith, other about my lack of it. I don't condemn them for their actions. It's well within their 1st amendment rights to speak as they wish, and my right to not listen should they cross the line. I will not wage war on them for disagreeing with me. They must take action or cause harm to me with their words or actions before I can, in good conscience, obstruct their rights to speak or act as they wish. It makes me wonder why it's illegal to yell "fire!" in a theater. If no person is injured by it, why is free speech squelched? Instead of making the act illegal, you have to hold people accountable for their actions when they endanger others. The mere act of saying a word IS protected under the first amendment, the culpability of the utterance is not.

 As I sit here watching the snow fall on a beautiful March night, I cannot help but think of all the laws that prohibit us from our rights guaranteed by the Founding Fathers in the Bill of Rights. Why is it that we are given a choice to do good or evil, yet when the choice is taken from us to do either, we fold and allow the henchmen of conformity to run roughshod over our God given rights. The constitution only enumerates those rights, God or the act of being born (if you're an Atheist) empowers you  to live your life as you so choose as long as you do not interfere in the lives of others. You have the same right to do nothing and die of starvation or live destitute on others' good will. When the repercussions of that choice are taken from you, so is the choice itself.