Friday, September 6, 2013

Knowledge is power, so let's make it illegal.

Indiana Man gets eight months for lie detector fraud

The powers that be build a physiological test, and then use it to judge your employ-ability. You "Study" for the test and they throw the teacher in jail for fraud because his methods work. In what alternate reality can you consider disseminating non classified knowledge as a crime?

This is the epitome of tyranny. When the authorities use a tool against the citizens, and then the citizens utilize the same tool as a countermeasure, it's decidedly illegal. When the time comes and the people use the same tactics of silencing those that oppose them, (4GW) what happens then? As with the Reese Family federal destruction campaign, the oppressors will use unlimited resources to overcome you. They will do so legally and there is nothing you can do about it. Well, there are things you can do, but I'm not sure the powers at be will be ready for those unintended consequences. After all, we do outnumber our masters.

The tyrannical continue to back people into a corner, and when they utilize knowledge, skill, cunning, and morality to defeat the tyrannical, what happens? The tyrannical fight back using the media, legal sabotage and seizure laws to overcome the opposition at any cost. When the morally just are backed into a corner, they have 2 choices. Give up or fight back. If they choose the first option, all is lost.Sometimes, a person decides they have nothing left to lose. When that happens, the hunted can become the hunter. Unintended consequences is the evil stepmother to the tyrants. The truth eventually comes out.

Hannah Senesh was a Jewish POW in Budapest. During her court hearing, she accused the Hungarians of conspiring with the Nazi's and told the judges that their enemies were at the gates and the truth of what happened there would someday come out. They needed to consider that before passing judgement. She was executed shortly before Budapest was liberated.

Demonizing the Righteous is a long standing tradition amongst the oppressors throughout history. As with the current regime, they target groups that oppose them using every avenue they can, regardless of the legality. All those alphabet soup agencies descend upon the righteous and investigate them into oblivion. Even if charges are dropped, never issued or you are cleared, you will never again be the same person. They will cost you your reputation, livelihood, tax status, civil rights, privacy and confidence.

We all must exercise the moral imperative to defy, resist evade and smuggle. Sometime we must smuggle information, sometimes it's religion, other times it's the tools required to overcome tyranny. Embrace the obligation to question authority. It's what makes for a good American and a great Patriot.