Sunday, May 5, 2013

Gear Review: Savage Axis SR

Last fall I purchased a used Savage Axis SR in 223 for 200 bucks off the local firearm forum Indiana gun owners, AKA INGO. I was wanting a knock around bush gun so I was hoping this rifle would fit the bill. I found that the gun retails at 395 and comes with a  4 round detachable magazine. After I picked it up I was pleasantly surprised by the new action. It's slightly less clunky than the FP10LE that was already in the safe. The trigger is of a proper weight and feel for a hunting rifle, very crisp. The SR version comes with a 1/2-28 threaded barrel for attaching a proper hush item or brake. The thin barrel is perfect for a hunting applications and carrying on a long hike. The rifle weighs just 6.5lb but that means it has a lightweight plastic stock, the rifles biggest detriment. Adding a padded ammo carrier helps raise the comb enough to make the rifle useful.

I was happy to also find the previous owner had installed some weaver 2 piece bases for optics. There are no provisions for sights. I had an extra Leupold 3.5-10x tactical scope so I slapped it on there and headed to the range. After getting the rifle zeroed and got a few rounds down range to get used to it, I set about testing it's accuracy with a range of ammo. The first I tried was 55g xs/xp hornady. It shot right at an inch, just over at 1.188 center to center. I then shot some 52g sierra match rounds. They did well at .805 center to center. The best group of the day was the 69g sierra match kings at .686 center to center. Recoil was noticeable and it was tough to follow your shot in the scope.

With a suppression device attached, the pencil barrel had issue supporting the weight and the POI or Point Of Impact dropped 3.1 inches with no side drift. I was very pleased with the results. This cheap gun will be a great addition and fill the "Walkabout" gun position I need filled.