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4th Generation Warfare Tactics Used by Dorner.

Let me Preface this entry by explaining that I'm not attempting to glorify his deeds. There are people dead that never wronged the man or even met him before he chose to take their lives. This has more to do with the unintended consequences of the police actions and tactics.

A single lightly equippped gunman has kept an entire city and surrounding cities police force polarized, exhausted and making mistakes in very short order. Can you imagine the decimation to the chain of command and morale had there been a small contingency of trained operatives doing small, coordinated attacks on the police? The confusion created would cause utter mayhem within hours of attack. Logistically the police wouldn't be able to staff or communicate effectively with their force. This would lead to further mistakes and injuries to both police and the public. The police aren't trained in military squad tactics unless they are a member of an elite team. Many aren't vets that understand the fog of war. They will act and communicate instinctively and clog the comms.

 This episode will cost the already cash strapped state and city millions of dollars to settle complaints and pay for the overtime of the officers. The drones, swat callouts and overtime will be an insurmountable amount of money. If this were to happen a couple times a month, how could the city and state possibly afford the financial burden?

The consequences of this episode has further eroded public trust, which plays right into the tenants of 4th gen warfare. Win the hearts of the people and the occupying force will lose intel sources and early warning signals. People were scared, terrified they might be mistakenly singled out as the person responsible for the episode. 2 cars were shot to smithereens and 2 women where shot as well. Without a doubt the authorities will live with this black eye for a long time. The more excuses authorities make for the actions of the officers, the less credibility they carry with the public. The listed causation for the actions of the assailant lead to the corruption of the LAPD.

Lets look at 4th gen (Guerrilla) warfare subjectively. What is it's purpose?
1 Create confusion
2 Break the morale of the occupying force
3 Make the occupation too expensive in lives and money to continue
4 Survival of the insurgency
5 Convert the will of the people to your cause
6 Make the occupying force tire itself out attempting to find you
7 Create fear in the command and rank and file of the occupying force

What did he do correctly? He created confusion, he made the police very aware of their mortality, he cost them some money, some believed he was right to fight back, he made the police make mistakes and he definitely scared the people who were on the list.

What he did wrong? Killing innocent civilians, Survive, bankrupt the police, tire the force out.

Tactically, his plan was a mess. He really had no backup plan to speak of. He had no secondary course of action should his primary plan fail. He counted on a single piece of equipment too much and it failed. He was isolated and had no way to evade capture. He gave up.

You cannot win an insurgency alone. There must be others to assist you, especially if you are known to your attackers. Once you lose that anonymity, you're toast. They can plaster up your picture and use the public for intel. It's impossible to move once they know the enemy. I think that was the key to his demise. Pride.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sorry for the Delay in posts.

Due to the recent nuttery on the firearms and ammunition front, I've been doing a bunch of consulting and teaching a few people about reloading and such. My reloading book is getting a little attention as well. Lots of Irons in the fire!

Work has taken some pretty significant time as well so I'm hard pressed to find the time to post up. Hopefully things have calmed down to the point I can finish the 3 posts I've started.

Stay prepared!


After watching so many movies over my lifetime, I've found that every villain or insidious organization has a final plan to dominate the world. Even the schoolyard bullies of tween movies want to dominate the playground or neighborhood. It seems our current bullies in office have a similar idea for the domination of the citizens of this country. What is it? Well, lets look at the strategies and plays up to now.

A marked increase on federal programs to keep the poor on the government dole. This is buying votes. You can vote your paycheck or you can work for one. Easy choice for many with little education and no future aspirations. Pair this with the entitlement supporters who have been born, bred and taught that the needs of the poor outweigh liberty, fiscal responsibility and simple logic. From the beginning of time, humans from every religious sect and type have taught that the public is responsible to help teach people how to live for themselves, not teach them how to be dependent upon others.

Fiscal irresponsible budgets have indebted our nation beyond it's ability to endure the onslaught. The economy would operate well beyond it's necessary goals if it wasn't taxed into oblivion. The same goes for the citizens, yet every year more and more citizens become employed by the government to administer new, expensive programs that do little to empower the economy or citizens. It actually does the inverse, straddling us with more debt and expanding a broken government.

The constant attack on the constitution seems unrelenting for decades. The federal government has been overstepping it's bounds for years and becoming the defacto tyranny in the country. They have attacked every amendment that attempts to empower the citizens of this country. They search your communications with impunity, create licenses for your rights, impose sanctions for the successful and spread those sanctions among themselves and their supporters.

Control the media to the point that it can decide elections, public policy and how wars are fought. How is this possible? The media can shape public policy by choosing the spin and stories that are constantly aired to the public. They follow the government line perfectly and polarize the country as they wish. Complicity is putting it lightly. Wave after wave of propaganda hit our children and citizens every hour of every day, shaping public opinion.

Immigration reform is the single easiest way to fix elections. 11 million new socialists in the system will help the tailspin increase speed. These are people who broke the law and invaded a country. Let's not forget that. Should they become citizens, they will vote a paycheck along with the rest. It's much easier that way.

In the end, the goal is socialism. Soon enough the rich will be taxed to the point that they will no longer wish to excel and those who refuse to work will live as good or better than those who do. The government will continue to chip away at individual rights and freedoms until they are nothing more than words on an old paper and not the backbone of a country. As our economy continues to falter and die, the government will seek to make sure you cannot rise above their need for taxation and conformism. They will make it impossible to live without their interference. More illegal laws will be passed to make sure the elitists continue to control the population with propaganda, taxes, controlled healthcare and laws that restrict personal freedoms. Healthcare has become so expensive that the average person cannot afford it without insurance. They are holding a gun to your head to buy insurance. Without it, you cannot pay to live if you have serious health problems or long term medical needs.

It's to the point now that we cannot stop them in a legal manner. They control the elections, press, money, military, police and economy with no regard to what the people want. I've given up hope that the people will realize how big of a poop sandwich we're being fed on a daily basis. The collectivists continue to march to the drum of communist oppression and socialist failures. They refuse to see reality because some talking head on TV is spinning the bad things in a positive light. Everyone pissed and whined about a small decrease in their paychecks and the minions of state were sure to tell them that it was their money to begin with and they were entitled to it due to a reprieve in their legislated thievery. That's a load of crap. It's your money. You made it! They are not entitled to any of it!

This country survived without income taxes until 1913, when the 16th amendment was introduced. 1776-1913 the government relied upon tariffs and use taxes to run the government. They were thrifty because they had to be. Then in 1943 the government started the worst practice in history, the payroll deduction. If the people of the US had to pay their taxes in one lump sum, every officeholder would be hung upon returning to their states. There's no way the populace would allow it. Since we never really see the money, people don't miss it. It's the biggest con the government ever proposed.

The endgame is control. Total domination and control over every facet of our lives. They want to make sure you cannot live without them or their rules. They're close! The DHS gestapo has been prowling the US in search of dissidents and non conformists. The NDAA allows them to lock anyone up for any reason without formally charging them. They have been using this law a bit recently to ensure the people who resist them cannot be heard.
Geheime Staatspolizei, "Secret State Police"

Political methods of restrain

Posted on by skeptik@l
Take a step into the past and let’s look at radical methods of control utilized by world leaders in different parts of the world.  Methods of control vary accordingly but the most famous, or should I say infamous technique usually  involved the cooperation of a secret police force. A secret police agency is a covert force which operates furtively to protect the power of a political regime. 
The Gestapo (short for Geheime Staatspolizei) is a secret police force in Germany during Hitler’s reign. While the Gestapo was mostly made out to be all knowing and omnipresent, eliminating one’s ability to trust another, the role of the Gestapo was really not as grand as they appeared to be.  In fact, the Gestapo mostly relied on ordinary citizens to attain information regarding citizens who were politically opposed to the Nazi regime"


All this propaganda about right wing nut jobs and hate groups is a lie. These people want to be left alone to live a free life outside of the government's watchful eye. They don't want to hurt anyone or oppose anyone. They wish to live under the same tenants this country was founded on. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This idea goes against the collectivist pursuits of the government. They want and need to know everything you do so they cannot be opposed or taken from power. They want a monopoly on violence and a monopoly on thought. Conform or be punished.