Thursday, October 27, 2016

Long time, no post.

Sorry about my recent absence, but life has conspired against me a bit. I upgraded my teaching status and it required all of my time and energy for quite a while. Add to that a 2 week vacation and surgery for my close family that required I stay attentive to a family member 24 hours a day for a week, and here we are.

I did, however, get a few great days of training in at the range. I work directly with a training partner these days, and we really challenge each other with a regimen that incorporates some pretty fantastic scenarios with the added benefit of rigorous PT. It's nice that my private shooting club is pretty much empty most of the day on weekdays, even during hunting season. We had the ranges to ourselves, so we were able to run all the scenarios faster than anticipated, then did some work clearing mocked up rooms and bounding in pairs. The second day was all long range shooting, 100 to 300 meters.

I was able to put some time in canning and purchasing food. I believe the prices we are paying now will be the lowest we will ever see, so no reason to hold back. The California drought has had an impact, but if it continues, more farms will shut down.

The election "illusion of choice" is in full swing, with the chupacabra v reality star battle becoming all encompassing. I'm so glad to not have cable, my only exposure is in the ads on Youtube videos. They all just suck, there are very few choices that are good for the people. It's mainly choosing the cleanest end of the turd to pick it up with. It's all the same turd, we are just fooling ourselves into participating in the Charade.

The weather is turning so hunting becomes a thing in our household. I'm hoping to do a hunting camp weekend with the boys prior to the end of the year. In the past we have done it earlier, but my son is in marching band, so all weekends are booked until November. I'm considering investing in some trapping gear due to the youth license bundle including trapping. I used to borrow some gear but my family sold off all theirs as they aged. It's a solid investment for self reliance and even urban survivalists will find easy meat with a few well placed traps. They hunt 24 hours a day for you, with a low caloric output for the trapper compared to a hunter.

The current mindset is of a wait and see if Trump makes things better instead of continued progress on your preparedness. Never stop learning is my motto, even when things are going well, you should always take some time to keep skills sharp and learn new ones or expand current skills. There's not a soul out there that cares more for your family than you do, so continue to make your survival a sure thing.

I'm seeing an alarming trend in my community as well. The local LDS church seems to be ramping up their security and having members getting armed as well as trained. My mild mannered LDS neighbor came to me looking for advice on a quality AR so I took him to the gun shop where I have full access and ran him through the ringer with options and such. I will say his choice was a great one. He chose an M&P 15T. It's a really good all around unit that doesn't break the bank. It's a hard lesson when normally mild mannered, non violent congregations are getting themselves prepared for a serious reset event.