Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Witless Protection

Why has our society become so fascinated with failure? Every day we hear of the atrocities committed on other humans at the hands of their family, neighbors, community and government. This atmosphere of complete failure continues to make "The pursuit of happiness" an impossible task due to the pressure of the world coming to bear on the shoulders of prudent citizens. The honest, hard working citizen of the United States is responsible for funding so many failure based policies and contingencies that they cannot cope with the financial or moral burden they are carrying. The seemingly best way to cope is to ignore it all. Ignore the money stolen from your check, ignore the fact that the cities they support cannot afford to keep criminals in jail due to bloated budgets and political greed. Criminals have more rights than the people that support them. Failure wins again!

Let's look at the causes of the societal failures. Who has the right to life in our society? Everyone once they fall out of a vagina within the US and her territories. As a society we have laws stating that each of us is created equal in the eyes of the law. Unfortunately that idea and rule of law has been twisted to the point that it's no longer recognizable to us. The right to life has been expanded to the point that they have the right to live at your expense. That means their right to life trumps your right to life if you have enough to share. Rewarding failure becomes common place.

Our fiscal policies reward failure. The more dependent upon the government we become, the more they take from us. Individual liberties are being stripped from us at an alarming rate in recent history. This practice is failure based, to protect the people from themselves. The less free we are, the better we become at mediocrity. The more gifted a student or entrepreneur, the more they are depended upon to provide for the less fortunate or less gifted.

Criminals have more rights than I do. They have the right to eat 3 times a day, the right to cable TV and a free place to stay with a stipend for good behavior. I get none of these things guaranteed to me, I have to work for them. I rarely get a lunch break, I don't have cable TV and I have to pay for the roof over my head. Failure rules supreme!

If you've failed so miserably that you cannot feed, house, or cloth yourself- No worries, we've got you covered. We will further reward you if you have children you can't afford! Yes folks, this is how we do it here in the USA. Let's not stop there, lets look at the other side of the same coin. Businesses are also failing to provide profits, so instead, they buy a politician to insert language into a law that will subsidize their bottom line. Rewarding failure, once again.

The government subsidizes alternative energy companies instead of the universities that have fresh minds to solve problems. The companies then continue to fail because if they succeed, they will be penalized. They aren't held accountable for the funds, so the investment disappears. Why not let the market decide which innovation is worth investing in? Crazy to think anything else is the prudent path.

We will continue to fail as long as we choose to reward failure. The political elite, corporations and the destitute don't have any real consequences to their actions, the honest citizens get to pick up the tab and clean up the mess. What a reward for being the backbone of society. If you screw up bad enough, you might even get your own reality show!

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