Thursday, November 14, 2013

Random Thoughts on Everything.

The (Not) Affordable Care Act. Anyone dumb enough to believe you can add an extra tier of government, mandate a higher standard of coverage and curtail the number of insurance providers without increasing the costs is a special kind of stupid.

The Iran Nuke deal. They get their money back, more centrifuges, and a faster timeline to building a bomb. We get a promise they won't build a bomb. Great Idea!!!!!

Another School Shooting. As long as society continues to raise feral street children and doesn't make them pay for their crimes, it will continue. Drugs- legal and not are responsible for many of these shootings. If you think gun control is the answer, go rip out your mailbox and see if the bills stop coming in.

Inflation. They say it's marginal, but I live in the real world and prices continue to increase. It's not going to stop while the fed's printing money.

The Government. It's morally and financially bankrupt. It has no purpose past self preservation and further inhibiting the populace. Every day they try to take away our rights, one bill at a time, while they spy on us like the Stazi fascists they are. It's time for them to be removed by any means necessary.

No matter which party is in power, the people are persecuted.

More later, I have many posts to finish!

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