Tuesday, August 5, 2014

2014 Goals revisited

My plans for 2014
-Get certified as an NRA Rifle, Shotgun and Pistol instructor- class in Feb-Done
-Get another business off the ground that will enable our self sustaining lifestyle-Done
-Start a solar/battery system to remove some loads from the grid-Not done
-Take enough classes to get up to speed in Carbine and Patrol techniques-Done
-Complete the remodel on the house-Not Done
-Have 100,000 rounds of ammo stored in components or rounds-Shot it all up
-Backpack a 100 mile trail-got up to 50
-Build up fuel storage-Slightly
-Build 2 more cache locations-1 Done
-Buy a grain mill-Not Done
-Outfit the B/O trailer with solar power-Not Done
-Get the HAM up and running-Not Done
-Buy a Jeep for a 3rd vehicle-Not Done
-Expand my food storage by 6 months with long term items-Close but not quite
-Get my oldest son up to speed with a rifle and pistol-Done
-Clear out the rest of the useless junk in my house-Done
-Install a hidden compartment in the house-Not Fone
-Install an alternate water supply in the house-Not done
-Build an observation post-Not Done
-Read more apocalyptic fiction (good ideas at times)-Done-48 books total
-Finish a second Blog for gear reviews-Started
-Build window and door covers-Not done
-Build a safe room inside the house-Not Done
-Upgrade the surveillance system-Not Done

Not great, but not bad either. Still a few months left to get it done.

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