Saturday, September 5, 2015

Recreational Backpacking Kit- 2015

As much as I've been in the woods this year, it's been great for refining and updating my gear. Without a doubt, I've gone through quite a bit of gear I though was "good enough" for the task, only to find it hampered my ability to enjoy my time in the outdoors.

My biggest issue has been the weight of the gear. I've been steadily dropping pack weight all summer. At the beginning of last summer ('14) here was my system's contents

-Sleep system
6x8 camo tarp, ridgeline and steel stakes, tarp paracord, Grand trunk ultralight hammock, Stansport hammock straps, Alps mountaineering regular lightweight pad, Surplus MSS intermediate sleeping bag, Cocoon inflatable pillow
-Cooking kit
Primus Litech 10oz pot and pan, Backpacking Isobutane fuel pod, MSR pocket rocket stove, Olicamp stainless cup, Sea to summit 3 piece utensils, Stansport mess kit, Sponge scrub pad, campsuds soap, Lighter,
Princeton tech Byte headlamp, aaa batteries, Pocket knife, Altoids tin med kit, flashlight/flood light, GPS, Compass, 6oz Bug Juice, 16oz water bottles, zippered shower kit, tech towel, Katadyn hiker pro filter, water purification tabs, Kindle Fire tablet.
Osprey Aether 70, 100oz camelbak waterbeast, sealine pack liner.

Currently (Fall 15)

-Sleep system
12x9.6 Aqua quest Nysil tarp, Technora .08 tarp cordage and ridgeline, lightweight 6" aluminum tent stakes, ENO atlas straps, Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter hammock, alps pad, Cocoon inflatable pillow, Browning Yellowstone 20 degree bag (spring/fall), Coleman fleece liner (summer), Both bags in winter.
-Cooking kit
Primus litech 10oz pot and pan, butane fuel cell, lightweight backpacking self igniting stove, Oilcamp aluminum cup, Titanium long spoon, light my fire plastic mess kit, 1/2 spong/scrubber pad, lighter, MSR Ti 10" pan
 Princeton tech 3aaa headlamp, Eneloop batteries, Jockery 12000mah charger, Pocket knife, Small plastic med kit, Hemostats, streamlight stylus 2aaa light, Compass, 1.5oz 100% deet, 32oz Nalgene water bottle, maxpedition first aid pouch with limited toiletries, Sea to summit light weight towel, synthetic buff washcloth, Sawyer squeeze water filter with 2 64oz bags and bladder fill kit, kindle fire tablet, Keen shoes.
Osprey Arther 70, 100oz camelbak waterbeast, Osprey rain cover, Maxpedition glasses case.

Clothing is another thing that has changed. I was trail walking in cotton Blackhawk pants, but have gone to Kuhl renegades as my go to trail pants. They don't snag on briers or twigs and give me 100% flexibility while drying quickly. I wear an SOE trouser belt with zippered pocket. My socks are always Vermont American padded trail socks. Shoes used to be Brooks Cascadia 8's, but I've since worn those out and went to my fall back Merrill trail shoes. The newer style soft synthetic shirts are amazing. The feel like cotton but wick like regular synthetic. I wear Under Armor compression underwear to guard against chafing as well.

I always change as soon as I get set up for the night. My clothes get hung up to dry and I will use some wet wipes to clean up. Keeps you fresh and from getting chafed in places you don't want to be raw.

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