Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Beware the Trendy Firearm Wave.

How does that saying go? Hail to the new king, just like the old king?!?!? Or is it, The king is dead, Long live the King? I'm not all that sure, but I've been involved in the firearms industry long enough to have lived through fad cartridges and training, fad camo and mall ninja success stories. It's all a subjective propaganda charade wrapped up in the fad camo of the day. It's not very often that a truly momentous breakthrough happens and the firearms community as a whole is cheering. It's always been 1911 v Tupperware guns, specialty cartridges over "under performing" standard rounds, and tactical drudgery training v home schooled shootists. The fight never ends.

It's really hilarious to me when a "new" thing is actually a rehashed old thing. The 300 Blackout used to be a wildcat round. I was a big proponent of the 300 Whisper back when only one company made dies and JD Jones carried the name. It was a nightmare to find parts to make the thing run. You had to scrape up brass wherever you could, and most of it had too thick a neck so we were turning them down and splitting necks all the time. It was the wild west of load development. Little to say, until AAC decided to back a similar round, it was rather difficult to love the round. Once standardization happened, it became a viable option. Every time I built a blackout gun, someone would come along and buy if from me. I really didn't want to sell it, but I could build a new one and upgrade it with the money they were willing to pay. Dies are still a sore spot in my book, but for the most part, they work. RCBS small base being the single know outlying option.

Every time I open a RECOIL magazine, I see a new improved version of something I used to use paracord and duct tape to make myself. Instead of 30 cents, it's "worth" 30 dollars. There have been some significant ballistic improvements made for better performing bullets and powders, but for the most part, it's just beating a dead horse. How many crappy chinese things do you really need to hang on your 30 pound AR15 chambered in 6.5 superduperrocketshipmagnum? The same one you can only find 3 magazines worth of ammo so you don't shoot it.

We really do need to consider logic over wants some times. I know that personal preference cures all, but come on. If I'm teamed up with you in a class and have to carry that gun doing a simulated casualty evac, I'm gonna drag your super cannon along like towed arty or use it as a walking stick. I've also noticed that those same arty pieces usually have some crappy GI trigger and crappy Amazon parts as a base. I've seen guys With AN/PEQ's and they don't own NOD's or even have a way to Zero it. It looks cool though.

The same goes for "tactical" training. Instead of the fundamentals, they get people interested in the hype more than the content,  or the youtube SELLebrity that runs the school. I'm not sure you know it, but they are laughing their butts off at your expense when you're temple indexing your C-clamp turret stance. You paid to learn something with no value. It's just sad. It's ok to stand while learning the fundamentals, but if you're standing still in a gunfight, you better be the one shooting first. If you're not, you're going to lose.

Remember Ladies and Gentlemen, there's a point to this whole firearms movement. The point is Liberty. Not just for you, but for your children. The enemies of freedom are alive and well here at home, and they are out breeding Conservative/Libertarian/Christians at an alarming rate. Soon they will have the political clout to have a controlling interest in your life. A fight is coming, so you had better make sure you are ready for it.

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