Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Start The Year Out Right

With the new year we have an opportunity to not only file our taxes, but to evaluate our investments. Look back at 2015 and see what gear you invested in and determine what of it you would purchase again. I'm not talking about surplus gear or barter items, I'm talking about that high end knife, new computer, the china your wife bought and just about everything you invested time into. Money is time you sold, so look at it in that sense as well as in greenbacks.

You may want to start using that premise in the future as well. If you deem an item worthy of a month's salary, be sure you are getting your priorities straight.

New Years resolutions are bunk. If it wasn't important to you prior to January 1, it's not that important after that magical date. If you want to set a goal and stick to it, so be it, but don't give up the first time you break that goal. If you swear off ice cream and you binge eat some Haagendas after a rough night, the struggle isn't over. Don't just give up and start buying it back on the regular.

Evaluate with your mind, not your heart. Cut the cord on a bad investment.

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