Friday, January 3, 2014

2013, A Year In Review + goals for 2014

I'm not a nostalgic person in any form, but I do recognize the value of history and learning from our mistakes and not so great choices. My biggest regret of 2013? Not selling my 20" REPR during the craziness of the gun control scare last winter. I could have bought a nice truck with the money I made.

Best Choice? That would have to be simplifying my life and paying off my debt. It's nice to not have to all nuts if business is slow or sales are down. I can relax a bit and enjoy myself without worry of where the next meal will come from.

Worst Choice? Not living a healthy lifestyle. I have a ton of work to do to get myself back into fighting shape for the classes I plan to take throughout 2014. I'm for certain that there is a fight brewing. That fight can take several forms and our elitist ruling class isn't going to go quietly into the night.

Changes I made over 2013
-Really started the process of having long term food storage past a few buckets of rice and beans.
-Started a storage and cycling method for fuel and other usable resources
-Got into backpacking and enjoying my boys out in the natural world
-Disconnected the TV from cable
-Purchased a web site for use in an upcoming business venture
-Started gardening for more than just fresh vegetables
-Dehydrated food for storage
-Canned food for storage
-Upgraded my battle rifle to 308
-Purchased enough firearms to arm my family for a lifetime
-Purchased spares and consumables for the firearms
-Created a cache
-Upgraded my security
-Invested in redundant comm gear
-Practiced with firearms more often than the previous year
-Practiced field craft regularly
-Purchased firearm training for my wife
-Purchased a library of books for reference on self sustainment
-Sold off all my gun collection that wasn't based on defensive needs
-Sold off some guy toys I didn't need- who NEEDS 6 motorcycles?
-Built up my primer, powder and bullet stores
-Built up my reputation with local government and law enforcement
-Met more like minded people
-Outfitted the entire family with rugged outdoor gear

My plans for 2014
-Get certified as an NRA Rifle, Shotgun and Pistol instructor- class in Feb
-Get another business off the ground that will enable our self sustaining lifestyle
-Start a solar/battery system to remove some loads from the grid
-Take enough classes to get up to speed in Carbine and Patrol techniques
-Complete the remodel on the house
-Have 100,000 rounds of ammo stored in components or rounds
-Backpack a 100 mile trail
-Build up fuel storage
-Build 2 more cache locations
-Buy a grain mill
-Outfit the B/O trailer with solar power
-Get the HAM up and running
-Buy a Jeep for a 3rd vehicle
-Expand my food storage by 6 months with long term items
-Get my oldest son up to speed with a rifle and pistol
-Clear out the rest of the useless junk in my house
-Install a hidden compartment in the house
-Install an alternate water supply in the house
-Build an observation post
-Read more apocalyptic fiction (good ideas at times)
-Finish a second Blog for gear reviews
-Build window and door covers
-Build a safe room inside the house
-Upgrade the surveillance system

All in all, very doable list for 2014. The major issue is the economy. If it tanks before this year is done, I'm hunkering down and living through it. The rest will wait a few years at best. I have needed skills and I can live on.

Operational planning will stay about the same. I've built some inroads with some like minded people that would be a good addition to the family so I'd like to work them into the plan if they continue to pan out.

Biggest weakness is the lack of food at the bailout location, if I can't drive there, I'm in bad shape. We're fine at home. What's your plan?


  1. Of course this idea will be either correct or incorrect depending on situation, location, neighbors and general locale, but a saferoom can be a bad idea. I would focus more on securing survival stores in your alternate locations first. That safe room is not going to help you if you have to leave it behind in a hurry. If your location is generally prepped already and survivable, then securing the other locations to be survivable should be next. After that, then work on hardening your primary.

  2. My house is right in Tornado Alley, so that would be the reasoning for having a hardened location. Just rounding out the possible emergencies. The bedroom would be a nice place to install a bulletproof room with Kevlar wallboard. I've used the stuff and tested it personally. It works. The plan if there is a home invasion is to hunker down in the bedroom since it has a reinforced door and door jams. Otherwise, I fully concur with your reasoning. I've allocated 44 weeks of MRE's to be trucked there in the spring. For now it will sit in the B/O trailer.


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