Friday, January 3, 2014

The Greatest Depression.

There are literally thousands of books out there that try to convey what a future depression would be like. Many aren't as sure about the outcome because they think the government will intercede. I'm of the mindset that the Feds will be of little use and Staties will be beneficial but ham stringed by the lack of resources. You have to look at what's in their best interest. Infrastructure and civil defense enclaves are the cogs the feds can't do without so they will guard those to the end. All in all, they will be ineffectual due to their ineptitude and self interest. Unlike the 1920's, this depression will require a pliant populace due to the general public's inability to care for themselves.

More people, more support. The Feds can't feed everyone. They can't even try. Maybe for a week at best. Our current society's disinterest in helping each other and abject self interest will come out and foil the best laid FEMA plans. Our society isn't ready for the loss of economic function and if the Feds further manipulate it to keep it running, they will continue to do irreparable damage.

The American condition is one of disinterest in self preservation. Most have no interest in saving for a rainy day, they have more interest in a new car and 6 years of payments. If the paycheck stops and there's no unemployment money to go around, the feds might print it, devaluing the dollars that do get distributed. The inflation cycles increases and people can't feed themselves with the funny money. The apartment or house goes back to the bank and it all ends for them.

The people have lost the ability to feed themselves. In the 20's they still had large gardens or small farms. Those are gone, traded the toil of fresh food for GMO filled poison found on a shelf, not fertile ground. When the shelf is empty, or the price is too high, then the fun starts. Things will be forever changed. Maybe the people who survive, those that were ready for the eventuality of inflation and unrest, will teach their children (once Again) to respect themselves and be grateful for what they have instead of the lust they have  for the shiny new things they see online.

Get ready, it might be you.

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