Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Training We Hate Part 3- Determination

: a quality that makes you continue trying to do or achieve something that is difficult
: the act of finding out or calculating something
: the act of officially deciding something

Determination is one of the major deciding factors in success. Yes, opportunity and intelligent decisions can create success, but without the determination to follow through with your plan can lead to disastrous failures. About now you're thinking- How do you "Train" for determination? The answer is pretty simple, you just consider the consequences of failure. Better yet, consider the consequences of never trying at all. 

You may dislike Sam Walton of Wal Mart fame, but the man was industrious, intelligent and most of all, determined to succeed. Influential people throughout history, both good and evil, have made history with determination and grit. Our founding fathers were men of incredible fortitude and determination. They created a nation founded on freedom and personal independence of choice. 

What about me, you ask? What does determination have to do past getting your house cleaned up? Well, I'm getting to that right now. 2 people of equal intelligence, strength and armament are engaged in combat. Which one wins? Let's just say that they are equally trained, of approximately the same age and stature. Which of these two will overcome the other? More than likely the one most determined to win. The one that hits the range more often, who hits the gym just a couple more times a month. Maybe it's even less than that. It can come down to the person being more determined to live than the other. 

It's not always that simple. Being mentally prepared to overcome any challenge thrown at you, from chosen challenges to a man threatening to take your life, can be the mitigating factor that allows you to succeed in your endeavors. If that endeavor is taking another breath, consider your motivation. Your kids need you, your parents may rely on you, your fellow citizen's lives may depend on your actions at a later date. If you read this Blog, I'm sure you have a mindset similar to mine. I'd prefer it if you did survive every adversity so you are here when our beloved republic goes off the rails. We will need to stick together and be determined to remain free citizens. Without patriots, despots will rule and freedom will be lost.

Choose to do something you don't think you can accomplish, and just to steel your resolve, do it. Once determination overcomes your school taught ability to compromise on everything, you can do whatever you put your mind to. Many have proven that we can overcome huge obstacles in order to  achieve their goals. Many successful people enjoy challenging hobbies such as climbing, aviation, extreme sports and combat sports. These actions embody the spirit of a determined person. 

Where did determination take you today? Pick a goal, achieve it, pick another harder one. Rinse and repeat.

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