Sunday, February 22, 2015

Finally sourced the rifle for the Grey Man Cache.

I've been on the lookout for a takedown 10/22 for a while now. I wanted a specific model that was stainless and had a threaded barrel. For a while, there was a distributor specific model that had those attributes, but they were gobbled up fairly quickly when they arrived. A recent trip to the shop had me staring straight at a 50th anniversary model 10/22 with a camo stock, all stainless and a threaded barrel.

I was also very happy to see several thousand rounds of 22 cal standard velocity ammo sitting on the shelf. I grabbed a couple bricks of that as well. Overall, it was a very productive trip to the gun shop. The place was pretty swamped, so I assisted a few customers as well. Ended up selling 3 guns for them so I believe it was fortuitous that I was able to get there.

At my first opportunity, I was able to pull the unit out and get a better look. It came with a nice bag, one BX25 magazine and some funky locking system. I searched through my stock of mags only to find that I only have a couple BX25's for my existing 10/22 race rifle. Looks like I need to grab a few more of those in the future.

My plan is to put this rifle into the Grey man cache if it doesn't push the weight over the 28lb threshold I've set for that pack. I'd like to install some type of sling set up and a low power scope for it with quick release rings. Once it's open sights and scope are zeroed, I'd put 3 mags with it and 300 or so rounds of standard velocity ammo. I *might* happen to throw a solvent trap adapter and "solvent trap" into the bag.


  1. I have the 10-22 take down. Once you mount the rail on the receiver, the open sites are pretty much useless. It blocks most of the view.

  2. I'm looking for a new set of sights or a different rail to overcome this issue. I like having options.


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