Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Back From the Woods....Again

Just spent another two weeks in the woods. One week was spent training scouts in marksmanship skills at a camp and the other was spent with my son's scout troop at summer camp. I've decided to invest in some lighter and better components for my Hammock. I use it enough to justify the investment and it will help a bunch to keep my kit light.  I'm thinking a SilNylon rain cover, some Dyneema cordage and better fasteners for the hammock itself. Should drop 3 Lbs off my pack and save space too.

I've been away, but not so much that I haven't seen the news feeds from time to time! Very weird times we live in. In my opinion, it's the most divisive, dangerous period in my lifetime. The whole country feels it. My business is way down for this time of year. People aren't spending money on anything but maintenance and consumables. Back stock is way down. Companies I do biz with are normally stocked to the hilt with product this time of year, but they are all holding back as well. Most are not hiring new people or are not replacing the ones that quit/retire. Very ominous times indeed.

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