Thursday, June 18, 2015

Project Glock 19 Ultracarry

I've been without a Glock 19 for several years. It just didn't fit any Niche for me. I'll either use the G26 for concealment or the full size 17 at the range doing drills. The 19/23 series really didn't appeal to me so I've sold all of them off over the years. I've decided to build a G19 for the Grey Man Cache. Glock recently made up some FDE units in different configurations with factory Ceracoat. I traded off the G29 to streamline the calibers a bit and scratch an itch I've been feeling. I've wanted to update that kit for a while now and recently had an opportunity to do so.

My plans for the unit are to get a factory minus connector, threaded Gemtech Barrel, suppressor height night sights and stuff the old Gemtech can of mine in the kit. I'm getting a new can so the old one can get put back for a rainy day in the Cache. The pistol has been high gripped as you can tell from the picture. My XXL meat hooks need some extra room on a 19, and it does the trick perfectly. I don't do extended junk on fighting pistols, so none of that nonsense. I'm going to try some different base plates, I've heard some good things about the Tango Down/Vtac base plates so I'm going to try them out with this gun and proliferate as their performance dictates.


  1. Very nice! I went with a grip force beavertail adapter for my Glock. It really helps with getting a good natural grip without the worry of slide bite. At about twenty bucks (for two, one smooth and the other ridged) it might be worth looking into.

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