Thursday, March 31, 2016

Find the need, Fill the need!

So many people get caught up in the zombie apocalypse that they miss the entirety of the point of a reliable get home bag or even an effective first aid kit. As you sit there reading this post, consider what you would need if there was an explosion from a natural gas leak in a nearby house. The authorities are evacuating all nearby houses and they have an aid/shelter station set up at a nearby school. The roads are blocked with debris, the area is cordoned off by federal authorities and you are being forced from your home for your own protection until it can be inspected for structural defects.

This exact thing happened a few miles from my house. Many members of my church family lived in the neighborhood and the last family is just finishing having their house rebuilt after the incident. Richmond_Hill_explosion

Find the need.

Do you have a bag packed and ready to go out the door for a weekend or couple day trip?
Do you have a place to go?

The shelter provided for the victims is a gun free zone, so you cannot go there armed.

What if your home was destroyed?

Do you have a cache or storage facility for needed items?

You can spend literally thousands trying to fill every void, but you can also take an old duffle bag and fill it with a few of your clothing items that are looking a little worn and replace them with new without killing your budget. You can also set aside a few hundred bucks over a year to put in that same bag, as well as some MRE's or mountain house meals and a Sawyer water filter. A memory stick with your important documents is cheap insurance as well. Keep these things in your car's trunk or the back of your SUV to keep things separate from your regular stash. Maybe set up a circle of friends with the same ideas.

The best idea would be to have a small storage unit within walking distance for your stuff or overflow. It's cheap insurance. You can even set up a corporation and put it in the corp name for a little anonymity.

Look to the news and put yourself into the headlines. See what you have done that would keep these stories from happening to you, or how your reaction would be to the events in the news. The last advice I have is to learn to use the items you have packed away prior to betting your life on them.

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