Monday, July 18, 2016

Changes in the Blogoshpere.

It seems that a few long running Blogs have completely dried up in the past year. I hate to see it happen, but some times life just gets in the way. It's not like us little guys get paid much to do this. If we advertise with google, you might get a tank of fuel every quarter, if you ride a moped.

I do miss a few of the more solid guys out there. I know we sometimes get caught up with popular guns and ammo talk and bore the heck out of you with intelligence and toilet paper posts, but it's all important to us. Like minded people should stick it out for as long as we can, and when we just can't do it anymore, bow out gracefully.

This blog isn't updated regularly due to my time constraints and outreach programs. I know that can get annoying at times when you need a good read on a late night insomnia stretch. It's just how it is for me. It's free info. If you want get some high level training, I can get you taken care of but the price is steep!

Anyway, I'm not going anywhere. If the blog suddenly stops getting updated for a couple months, I'm dead. Probably by my wife for buying another gun. So worth it.

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