Thursday, July 28, 2016

New Truck Kit.

It seems that my various kits have been pillaged a time or two for replacement gear and such. When a flashlight fails or I need a hank of paracord, my truck kit takes a hit. This recently cost me a bit of trouble. I needed some paracord to tie down an unruly piece of equipment, but there was none to be had after I used it to batten down a SilNylon tarp at my last training session with students. I had to keep them and their bookwork dry in a pounding rain. My SOE belt cam in handy for the task of ensuring the equipment didn't topple out of the truck bed, but I looked funny holding up my pants the rest of the trip.

The answer, in my eyes is to have 2 kits in my truck. My regular truck kit that is used and replenished often, and a true survival kit/get home bag. Nothing too large because I always have a full kit when I drive out of the 50 mile radius of my home. That being said, I should be able to walk 50 miles in 2.5 days without any trouble, even if I stop and rest and even get some shuteye. What if I'm on the direct opposite side of the large metropolis in my area. I'm sure as heck not going to walk through hood rat central without being forced to. This could add at least 20 miles to the commute. Add in social unrest, injury or the need to skirt checkpoints and I could be out for a week.

This isn't anything new to me. I've always kept a few days worth of food in the car and truck, but never really in appropriate amounts. With the various situations I find myself in, I will sometimes need to be on site for a day or two without leaving so having a couple cans of soup or a mountain house meal is a lifesaver. I never kept a stove because I keep a propane torch in my truck at all times. That's not something I really want to carry long term though.

What I want is a full emergency kit plus a survival/Escape and Evasion style kit. Something light weight, easy to use, and farm animal simple. It must fit underneath my truck seat without being exposed to prying eyes. I'm thinking a sling bag or very small but long non tactical looking pack. There are several out there that fit the bill, but I want something inexpensive.

Contents will look something like this.

Shelter: Silnylon tarp or Bivy and a fleece liner.
Cooking kit: Hexamine tablets, MRE spoon, and an ESEE mess kit/survival tin
Navigation: Cheap compass and state map
Illumination: a couple glow sticks and a Princeton Tech headlamp with extra rechargeable batteries
Cordage: Spool of #36 tarred line, 100' paracord
Tools: Multitool, medium folding knife, Etool or prybar.
Incidentals: Gorilla tape, Shemagh, zip ties, trash can liners, bug spray, fishing line, tin foil, clothes pins, solar charger, Beofeng radio, wash cloths, antiseptic soap, water filter.
Food: Freeze dried and instant meals, gatorade powder, tea and sugar, cheapo Binoculars. Smart Water bottles for containers. I love them!

My regular emergency kit covers the medical and tactical aspect very well. It also has some redundant supplies such as water tablets and water bottles plus some snacks. Its various helpful supplies will augment this future kit.

Updates with pics to follow.

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