Monday, April 22, 2013

Boston: Proof that the US is losing the war on Terror.

The terrorist attack on Boston was further proof that the government is inept at protecting the people. The power to protect ourselves is paramount to our safety. The citizens are the best source of intelligence and the most motivated entity to ensure our lives and our future is secure.

Thousands of police were goaded into action by the administration to crush the rights of the citizens of Boston. Warrantless house to house searches were caught on camera and the FBI was on scene to ensure things were as fouled up as possible. Without a doubt, the terrorism was continued but this time by the authorities. It's wrong, it's illegal and the citizens should have resisted. The sheep were willing to cow to the will of big brother and refused to fight back like the good little sheep they are. What a pathetic display of Collectivism and complicit behavior. They deserve the masters they have put into power.

What the authorities did in response to the bombings was just as bad as the bombing itself. The trusted keepers of the peace broke the law and defiled those that lost their lives by taking the rights of the citizens and throwing them aside without a second though. The casualties grew as each door was kicked in and each sovereign citizen was searched illegally.Not only do the citizens have to fear the bombs of the terrorists, but the rifles and boots of the stormtroopers at their door. At least no innocent bystanders where shot up this time when the police state overstepped its bounds.

Once the veil of oppression was lifted, an honest citizen discovered the terrorist cowering in a boat on his property. Had the police not enacted the illegal state of martial law, the whole ordeal could have been over long before. Once again, pathetic.

The feds continue to allow our already porous border to be legally hopped by terrorists and those who wish us harm. The powerless are made powerful as they stand behind armies with cannons on the ready to mow down dissenters and those who don't agree with their convoluted version of the democracy we have become. The lemmings act as lions, even though they have no power past that they choose to exert with the very weapons they choose to hate. The citizens who choose to oppose tyranny are oppressed and ridiculed into inaction. The communists in office know that fear is the only motivator that will allow them total censure of the constitution- in the name of safety.

The terrorists have won. They have taken our rights and abridged them to the point that the country is unrecognizable as the bastion of freedom and equality it once was. The elected officials have become the terrorists agents in this land. They pass laws that only abridge the rights of the citizens. They choose to empower those that choose to give nothing back to the country that supports them. They continue to aid terrorist states and embolden enemy agents while ignoring the god given right of their countrymen. Tyranny is here.

Civil disobedience is the only answer. Do the right thing, oppose the terrorists and quit obeying those that wish to oppress us. Take their power away, once they realize they cannot control us, they will attempt to kill or imprison us. The day that happens, we can openly engage them. We give them the power to oppress us, take it from them. Disobey!


Pathetic act of the week. The first lady of the US skipping out on visiting the victims of the bombing, only to visit a Saudi foreign national suspected of being part of the bombing plot. So telling.

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