Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gun laws are a sham and they know it.

When all is said and done, the nutjob that killed those kids in Connecticut broke over 100 laws to do so. He broke the laws to gain access to the weapons, broke the law to take them into a school zone, then broke it again by taking innocent lives. Do these Idiot congressional seat holders really think adding one more will make it all better? No. They could care less about those kids. They are standing on the graves of children in order to gain the political capitol required to pass unconstitutional laws.

Not a single law that has been proposed would have stopped or slowed the perpetrator. Think about that. These people are all aware that the laws won't help stop the violence. They don't care. They want to push their socialist agenda for any reason. Why waste a good tragedy when it's a good excuse to make the entire US like the war zone Chicago has become. I realize the murder rate has dropped a bit in the first 3 months of 2013, but that will change with the warmer weather. The frigid spring has kept the hooligans inside.

I don't see our twice elected leader of the executive branch wailing over the deaths of the kids in Chicago every night. He's never even mentioned how this law would help them, especially since they already have tougher laws than this on the books and it does nothing. Record murder rates year after year. Elsewhere in the US with proper gun laws, the rates continue to drop. Not even 150 miles away, Indianapolis is seeing the lowest murder rates in years. The legislature in Indy continues to loosed gun restrictions to ensure the public can exercise their birthright and protect themselves from crime, tyranny and oppression.

All the DOJ and ATF studies outline data in support of my position, yet the lawmakers ignore it. It's time to throw out the trash people. This next election cycle, find an oath keeper to run for your state seats. Install a patriot at all costs. The future generations depend on your actions to stave off a civil war. Unless you vote these dirtbags out, we will be forced into a liberation cycle just like so many civilizations before ours.

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