Thursday, April 11, 2013

What is wrong with you people?

So it's raining pretty hard this evening and my son's soccer coach decides he's going to go ahead and have practice anyway. I'm good with that so after practice I decide we're going to head to Hooters for dinner. While eating my 3 mile island wings I run into a guy I haven't seen since I quit racing in the late 90's. He and I are chatting and I see some gal letting her kids get their slimy fingers all over the people behind them, she even laughs about it. I look a little closer and I can see it's a lesbian couple and what seems to be a grandfather. The kids have mismatched shoes and dirty clothes while the moms have new jordans and gold chains, etc. The moms clothes were spotless and of the best ghetto name brands money can buy.

What the hell is wrong with you people? Take a little pride in your kids! Buy them some decent clothes and teach them to be polite and courteous. These hood rats will some day become the future of our society. Scary thought!

On their way out, one of the moms decides it's necessary to berate one of the children with profanity in order to get the child to speed up. Moral decay is the norm. Jerry Springer was created to make the morally corrupt feel like they are normal. This is what becomes of society under our current social model. Congratulations to all those who think everyone should be tolerant of the changing social structure. It's done so well the last few decades. Disgusting to think of what my children will have to put up with in the future. I wonder when Necrophilia will be a more mainstream sexual orientation? It's not hurting anyone. Silence is implied consent in many cases, so what now?

What is the reason we covet this decayed structure we call society? Because we're equal, right? Not even close. When will intelligence become the next controlled or hated social stigma? Those smart kids have it better than the rest of us, we need to dumb them down in order to make the job market more accessible to those of us with lower IQ's. Where does it end?

Our country wasn't created to care for people. It was created to guarantee the rights of the individual and the safety from foreign invasion. That's it. What we have now is so many Americans who loot and pollute the system that we will never be able to become a successful country til we drop the ballast. 3 layers of government is too many. 3 tax bills for competing services is too much. Why? Because it feeds the hungry, and the more hungry you are, the better you get fed in our screwed up system. The less you do and the less you contribute, the more you get from the system.

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