Sunday, April 5, 2015

Back From Mordor on the Potomac

I was very happy to be out of DC and West of the mountains this past Friday. I'd spent several days in amongst the sites that once held prestige and glory for our nation. I'm still amazed at how our ancestors (well, the countries ancestors since most of my family is rather new here, arriving in about 1890.) built our nation from a ragtag group of states. The genius of a living document that protects the individual's rights over that of the government is unheard of throughout history. To think that ink on parchment can hold such esteem and cognitive intelligence is mind boggling.

Then I think about all that has been lost over the years. Today we cannot even think in deference to popular culture without severe repercussion from some group or quasi governmental agency. How far the mighty have fallen. We as a people have allowed progressive culture to rape liberty while using some pop culture tag line to make us feel better about it. It's maddeningly simple to see the teachings of Alinsky come to life within the borders of the US. Karl Marx would be proud.

 There will come a day when the powers that be will come for your liberty. They will use the money they steal from you with Quantitative Easing, Quadruple Taxation and Commodities Manipulation to exact their revenge on you for thinking differently than how they like. We see flower shops, pizza joints and religious venues being sued for upholding their freedom to choose. Regardless of what that choice is, the fact that they have the ability to choose is far more important that the choice they make. One day it will be you in the crosshairs.

I've personally gone Galt. I refuse to pay for my own destruction. I am very careful to not break any laws, but I'm not going to allow myself to be penalized for my success. Many of my friends and merchant associates have moved to bartering for goods and services. No taxes on trades. Completely legal and legit, but it removes my support of the system. I still pay my property taxes and some sales taxes, but when I get a chance, I barter.

How many times has the same story been told throughout history? A great empire emerges, out grows it's utility, inflates it's economy and it's dying stroke is to penalize success. We are there. Our country is as tyrannical as the greatest in history. We have yet to crown a Caesar, but our elite banking culture and privileged governing class chooses the candidates we are allowed to vote for. Invention and success is ridiculed and regulated into the dustbin. Freedom is squandered for safety. Our citizens are penalized for being citizens while illegal aliens are protected from prosecution that would land us in jail for the same behavior. It's absurd.

 Study the Past, or repeat it forever.

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