Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Been a Rough Week Already.

So it seems that my vehicle has decided to go Galt as well. Last fall I replaced the head gaskets for the second time due to a malfunctioning fan clutch, then replaced the front end and front u joints. About 10g's in repairs in a few months. Not to be outdone, the old gal decided to allow her starter to puke out on me. Unfortunately I was 100 miles from home at a scout camping trip when it happened.

Several hundred bucks later, I'll be back on the road and running, but I'm losing my faith in the old gal.

Our schedule is just stupid right now. Between my wife working from 2-3am until 3pm, then handling homework and sometimes dinner, she's not in good mental shape to deal with a teen and tween boys that love to fight. Add in my irregular training schedules, service calls, weekend scouting and teaching schedule, it's pretty much a free for all around here.

None of our gardening has been completed. At this point we are going to have to go with seedlings and such to populate our garden plot. Not how I like to do it, but necessary at the moment.

I'm so far behind on reloading, I have to sit at the dillons for a few hours before I can hit the range. I still have factor ammo put back, but for range fodder, I generally use my reloads. I acquired a dillon primer tube filler, so that will be a time saver once I get it set up and running. Need to make full size human targets for the weekend and kick out about 1200 rounds of 5.56 and 400 rounds of 9mm. Might even run some 45acp if I get froggy.

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