Sunday, March 29, 2015

Dealing with Travel Into Occupied Territory.

As much as I dislike the idea, at times I must travel into areas where liberty is suspended by the local  gooberment. I'm currently residing about as near the dark land of Mordor as you can get without seeing the statuesque marble columns that used to represent freedom and prosperity. Coming from a free state, and being used to carrying a means to defend one's self, it's against my personal stratagem to go without a defensive item or two, or three...

Planning a trip of this nature makes it nearly impossible to prepare as needed for a disaster while away. I was only able to bring a small kit with me that was cash and silver heavy. This would allow me to buy what I needed to get where I needed. The inability to legally have a firearms of sufficient power made things a bit more difficult, but I chose to fracture a law or two in order to feel somewhat safe should the situation become dire.

We have set up some tours to go into some heavily controlled areas that will make defensive carry an impossibility. I'm going to have to rely on my situational awareness to the point of becoming mentally taxed while we are out. I'm not going to be able to enjoy myself as much as I'd like, but I will remain vigilant over being an easy target.


Wrote a huge amount of info, lost it when my signal dropped. Ugh.

What to bring on a trip like this

Shelter. A 3 man tent/ Hammocks/ Tarps etc.

Water Tabs and a Sawyer mini filter.

Hiking gear that is weather appropriate, with packs.

Cashola! and maybe some silver.

Regular EDC travel kit from your car/truck/SUV. At minimum, decent med kit, bush craft kit, quality knife like my Cold Steel Spartan, cordage, gorilla tape, 21" expanding baton for primate relief, some wire for traps, lock pick/bypass kit, batteries, nav equipment, maps and some quick energy snacks. Something like Wifey's 3 day pack, or my EDC truck kit. (old pic pre update)

We are Bingo on food, so we'd have to deal with it if it came down to it. About 3 days worth at max rationing. 

Mordor gun laws

Firearms are verboten in Mordor, but if you were to accidentally leave your Glock 26 and a few mags with a box of ammo, stranger things have happened. The 10/22 Take Down Rifle with a few 25rnd mags and a noise cancelling device would be the bees knees. Light weight/ universally known and non threatening anemic rifle with glaring utility and effective fire. It breaks down to fit easily in several nooks and crannies in the wifey mobile.

There's a mountain range between our FOB and home, so we must be prepared to hoof it if need be. We've kept our fuel tank topped off in the 4wd mini SUV since getting on this side of the mountains, so unless something serious happens, we should make it home.

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