Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hello and welcome.

As my first post, I'd like to welcome everyone and wish everyone a Merry Christmas in the weeks to come. Christmas and the entire holiday season is about spending time with your family, eating too much and spending money. If only we could drop the last two, maybe we could enjoy it a bit more. Hopefully your family has a plan to give a little back to the community you live in. I know everyone really appreciates how nice we have it here in the former United States of America. I know I'm a lucky man to be able to have the free time and technology to post a blog while there are people on this planet who aren't sure they will survive the day on the little food they have. I just hope that the future doesn't hold the same for us.

I know you might have picked up on the little "former" in front of the USA reference. I'm hoping you would for a reason. Yes, we are lucky to be born in the land of plenty. Yes, we are a nation of excess and greed. Yes, we have one of the highest standards of living in the world. Does that mean we have the right to it all? Yes and no on that one. The fact that we fell out of someone's uterus somewhere in the US or on a US property makes us a citizen of the US. Some people choose to come here and become naturalized citizens after fleeing poverty or persecution in their home country or territory. Either way, once you hit the floor or raise your hand to become a citizen, you are entitled. The New USA is so darn convoluted that I don't recognize it at all. We have so much corporate and individual welfare out there that the common man can't hardly get by anymore without it getting shoved in our faces. Our government is giving money to everyone but the people who earn it. The earners must bear the brunt of the economy as well as much of the tax base.

Is it fair? That's for you to decide. Are you willing to continue the rat race and give all the freeloaders a free lunch every day? Are you willing to support able bodied people who have never worked a day in their lives? Are you willing to watch the looters give multibillion dollar payouts to their cronies? I know what you're thinking. It's not up to us. There's nothing that can be done. At this stage in the game there is little we as citizens can do to stop it. The wolves have pretty much picked the carcass clean. Today the USA has a net to debt of around 600% of adjusted GDP. No loan officer in their right mind would give a loan to a person with that debt ratio. It would be bad business. Yet the Fed continues to print money at an alarming rate. The money has to be accounted for somewhere. It's debt! Not only that, they are buying mortgage backed securities. Loans for houses that don't need to be built in a market where they are worth less than the cost to build them the day you close! It's utter madness!

When will it stop? Never. As long as we continue to have politicians in office instead of patriots, we are doomed to repeat the failures of the past 100 years. The people in office are only loyal to their parties, because that's who got them elected. The candidates were chosen to run and supported by their parties. They may choose 4 stool pigeons to run on the primary ticket so you have the illusion of choice, but they still choose who runs. Same for the other side as well. Then you have an election where the only choice you have is who gets the payoff money; Corporate America or I'm not working America.

I'm not saying that we should abolish safety net systems in the USA, lets just administer them at the local level instead of the federal level. The feds know how to bankrupt a whorehouse, so why allow them the opportunity to get another cut of our tax money. That goes for pretty much everything. Unless the money is going to a constitutionally mandated function, it's waste and graft. So many of the Alphabet soup agencies are carrying out illegal functions of the federal government that it's impossible to name all of them.

How do we fix it? What will it take before Americans become patriots again? When will the other shoe drop? These are questions I'd like to have answers for. I have my ideas about how to fix it but I want to hear yours! Post up and comment on this post and tell me how it's all going to happen!


  1. As far as I can tell, we don't have a way to fix this until we can get more people to pay attention. Only 1% of the voters when 3rd Party, of some kind. Until we can get people to get past the divisive labels of Conservative or Liberal, we won't ever gain traction. My father-in-law has his own page as well, I post there as well.

  2. I'm with ya Blu, It's a crying shame that we can't get anyone in Unwashed-ington to do anything but posture and primp for the camera's. I voted for the 1% full and well knowing it was a losing team. I just couldn't bring myself to vote for either big party candidate. They offer us nothing but more of the same. Death of the constitution, more debt, more war, less freedom, less money in our pockets... Do I need to go on? It's time for a reset. Roll back 80 years of illegal laws.

  3. Took a couple of years for me to see it but a couple of guys I know helped open my eyes to the illusion. Meister you being one of them, and like you and blu I voted third party. No matter how many people tried to berate me over that choice I voted my conscience and have no regrets. Looking forward to more posts.


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