Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Firearms Frenzy of 2012

Welcome to the world of panic buying for dummies. Yep, we really showed them what we will do if they threaten our Second Amendment rights. We'll use our credit cards and charge up as much money as we can on guns, magazines and ammo that many will likely never use. The same people are buying guns that, until now, they never felt compelled to own. Why? There are several reasons for this and some are just nutty and some are understandable.

Many are buying because they think the guns will get banned before they can get one. These types are buying on plastic and paying the premium frenzy prices. They have never fired anything like it and will likely leave it in the wrapper and toss it in the closet in hopes it makes them a bigger man by owning one. They will never train with it or learn how to operate it properly. The rifle is useless. Just another trophy.

There have even been people coming into the local shop buying glock mags and don't own a single weapon to put it in. Hilarious.

Lots of guys already own AR's and wanted to buy a couple for their young kids before they can't get them anymore. These people range in experience greatly but I have a good feeling they will actually use the rifles and teach the next generation proper use of the rifles. I hope this is the case for the future of our country.

Many are just hoarding AR's and mags for later. I can personally identify with them, but I think they waited too long. Back in 2007 you could buy 30 round AR mags for 6-8 bucks a pop. Cheaper if you bought in bulk. I did most of my buying back then because times were good and stuff was cheap. Hopefully you did too. If not, you are buying at the peak of the market and paying top dollar for something that might not even get banned. It's a gamble!

Ammo has gone nuts as well. I see surplus 5.56 going for 80 cents a pop when I was buying it for 250 per k a  few years ago. Even reloading supplies are drying up! They have been a little thin since the election but now it's just crazy. Loaded 5.56 ammo is nearly non existent. It's hard to find anything and even the high dollar match ammo is getting gobbled up!

The bottom line is; people are scared. Frightened beyond belief that their god given right to protect themselves will be taken away or infringed upon by our irresponsible leaders. This is a truly terrifying time for America. We have a collectivist president and congress who will stop at nothing to push their agenda. We the People have lost our ability to control them.

I'm still not sure if this Frenzy is a good thing or bad thing quite yet. Anytime the public becomes better armed it's always a good thing. The bad thing is why. If people take the time and become proficient with the weapons they purchased, maybe we have a chance in the upcoming crisis. I know, you're sick and tired of hearing it, but it is coming. Each man, woman and child in this country will only be able to count on themselves and (hopefully) their immediate family. This is where the training comes in. The better trained you are, the better chance you have of defending you and yours when the music stops.

Many people who read this know I'm well prepared for most incidents that can happen in today's society. I love teaching others about the practices and provisions required to overcome adversity. It grows a more proficient citizen when a person can overcome any obstacle life throws at them. Firearms are one of the tools you will require for this purpose. A good stock of ammunition will be required in order to utilize your weapon for it's intended purpose. You will need it for practice as well as for the future should you need to defend yourself. The AR15 rifle design is (in my opinion) one of the most versatile systems on the planet. It can be set up to utilize a myriad of different calibers due to it's modular design. You can swap uppers to change calibers. Another option is to buy a 22 caliber conversion kit for your AR. I use the the older Ceiner kit that swaps the bolt/carrier and magazine to create a fully functional semi auto carbine out of your current 223/5.56 rifle. It's great for cheap training and for silencer friendly subsonic ammo. I love the combination because I can us the Aguila SSS 60 grain 22lr in the fast twist 5.56 barrel and don't have to worry about baffle strikes if the bullet won't stabilize in normal 22lr barrels. Some kits won't work with them but luckily mine will.

If you totally missed out on getting an AR, there are other options out there that are fine for protecting yourself and your country. Many have served well in the military and are still a viable option for a patriot looking for a rifle. The M1 carbine, M1A variants, AR10, SR25, FN-FAL, HK of just about any flavor, Browning centerfire autos, Kel Tec rifles, AK's, FN PS90 and Styer AUG would be more than suitable for battle rifle use. Consider ammo availability before you jump into something that requires hard to find or expensive ammo. Your rifle IS the primary weapon in an all out confrontation, so choose wisely. It's just a hunk of metal if you can't operate it in an emergency.

The moral of the story is this; If you didn't own one before all the crazy stuff started, it really wasn't important to you in the first place. Maybe you should rethink your preparedness level and come up with a plan. Randomly buying things isn't a plan, it's a frenzy. The same thing will happen when the music stops, food will become scarce and people will buy food that will spoil long before they can consume it without thinking. Don't be just another lemming following your smart phone around. Become a leader by enabling yourself to overcome adversity.

 The people that wish to oppress the citizens have no morals, they will employ any means necessary to win. When you and your kids haven't eaten in days and your belly is grumbling, you will gladly turn over your rifle in order to enter a camp where they have food. Think about that for a second and come up with a plan to overcome that inevitability. You need a well rounded defense plan and supply plan. You will need medical training and medicine to overcome illnesses and infections. They are counting on you needing them and relying on them in order to control you. Don't let them win. Don't turn yourself into a criminal to survive. Using your gun to resupply makes you a criminal. They win if you do that as well, then they have the right to dispose of you as they please.

We are Patriots, we love our country and will be here long after the Oppressors have left the rotting corpse of the US and gone on to more fertile lands. We must stand fast and be prepared to live without outside help. It may not always be there. A Patriot must be a proficient rifleman as well as an honest man. Without the ability to defend yourself you are a subject. It's a simple choice for you. I know it was for me as well. Get ready, stay ready!


  1. Well written again......was this meant for me? lol

  2. It's for everyone Ev. You have more than enough stuff to get you by without your recent purchases. You're also in a better environment for long term sustainability. No worries!

  3. Personally I have (since President Obama's reelection then doubled effort after Sandy Hook) bought stuff that was already planned but at an accelerated pace. Probably crammed a couple years of gun stuff buying into a few months.

  4. Thanks for the good read, I wish I would have the money the last few years to purchase an AR. for PP I have a Ruger 9mm Rem 11/87 a 22 and 300win mag iv been reloading for since I was in high school and shoot regularly but its mostly hunting or just target shooting. Can you recommend any good books or links to what you think are good tactical guides for firearms?


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