Friday, December 14, 2012

We Are At Fault For Today's Events.

The shooting today was a preventable tragedy. That's right. It was, without a doubt 100% preventable. If we put our money where our mouth is, we can stop any school shootings from happening. Unfortunately, our pansy society of feel good useless legislation has made it impossible for the law abiding citizen to stop these atrocities. Firstly, we need to stop making schools such a tempting target. Where would be the safest place to enact a massacre? Someplace where the bad guy is guaranteed to have the only gun. Someplace where an overwhelming portion of the people there are smaller and incapable of resisting you. Hmm, lets just hang a sign on the door and invite every nut job with a gun to come shoot our children. Current policy is dictating where the greatest number of casualties can and will occur. Our schools.

Why do we leave our children places where they have no protection from Evil? Schools have become godless, heretical places where our children are sent for indoctrination into the world of the average socialist lemming. Schools are Gun Free zones in many states. No guns allowed unless you are a Police Officer or criminal, what an Idea! Lets put our most precious commodity in an area where we don't have the ability to protect ourselves or them during an imminent threat. Let's make our children soft targets by teaching them to hide under desks instead of teaching escape and evasion techniques. Why is it that the administration is making up policy that INCREASES casualties?

Let's look at my children's school. Small school in a suburban sprawl zone. 15 classes of less than 30 kids on a 5-6 acre tract in a residential setting. They have a magnetic lock on the front door and security pad access in the rear. The door locks and access pads are useless. The doors are all glass and would only take 1 shot to break the safety glass. Instant entry without even slowing down. The kids would be herded into the rooms as soon as the first shot was heard and they would stay there awaiting the death dealer that would soon come. Lockdown = Death for the inhabitants of the school once enacted with an active shooter inside. Everyone all lined up in classrooms, unarmed and huddled together to make it easier for the shooter.

Everything the school systems teach is about giving in and being herded like sheep. With the current no child left ahead strategy as well as years of academia brainwashing their student teachers into the lemming mentality, our kids don't have a chance to become anything but mediocre shadows of their potential. I do not allow them to cleanse my children of their beliefs and intelligence. I will not let them offer my child up to the socialist agenda of our current society. Teach your children to resist and accomplish their goals and not the teachers. Reach past mediocrity and surpass the guidelines of a failed system designed for passing a standardized test that has no crossover value in the real world. Don't let them or some nut job steal your children from you.

Teach your children to run from the gunshots and don't stop until they are in the safe zone at a predetermined point near the school. Practice the drill and teach them how to get out of a locked classroom. Teach them to defy the people who are allowing them to be sacrificed at the altar of bad judgement. Prepare them to survive in a stressful situation. Teach them about guns and to respect their power. Make your children the hardest target on the planet. Empower them to live! 

A gun is not evil. It has no will of it's own. Let's start using them for good by protecting our kids. Allow the arming of the teachers, administration, lunch ladies and custodians. Make the school the least likely place to have a successful massacre on the planet and they will no longer happen like they did today. Take a stand for common sense and don't further restrict the only way we have to stop mad men from hurting our kids. Further restrictions make them bigger targets!

It's up to us to protect our kids. To continue with the current ideology will only make things worse and endanger our children more. Allow the Citizens among us to stand and protect the innocents who are counting on us. Protect them and teach them without fear of death by administrative and legislative stupidity.


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