Monday, December 17, 2012

Who's in Control of You?

I'm appalled at how the media has handled this tragedy. Just when you think the scum of the earth can't get any lower, they do. Mainstream media is trying to think for you, people. Get it straight, they have no valid argument. They want to scare you and have you make decisions out of fear instead of knowledge. The politicians and media are the ones who touted how safe gun free zones would be and when they fail, they refuse to take responsibility and start blaming the honest citizens for the failures of the governments unwanted and unneeded laws.

As long as you allow the government to blame us for it's failures, we are doomed. They created the laws making our children targets of opportunity. They closed down community mental care facilities. They refused to properly test new drugs due to pressure from Big Pharma. Not you and I. We are guilty of standing by and letting them do it. No more!

We've played along for far too many years. It's time to put a stop to this ruse. Refuse to become a subject, demand your liberty. As soon as they start passing new fear laws, we will all become criminals. They will never stop until we stop them. Act like a Citizen and stand up to the tyranny and oppression the cabal of socialist elite have in store for us. They want you and I defenseless, hungry and scared. It's the only way they can control us. If we stand together and refuse to be subjects, there is nothing that can stop us from returning America to it's former greatness.

Look at what they've done to us in just the past few years. They are stealing our wealth, looting our natural resources, killing our youth, poisoning our food and removing education from the schools and replacing it with rhetoric. Everyone wants to blame someone else. Don't.

The US government is empowered by the people. We allow them to pass laws on us. Without our support they will have no ways to enforce those laws. They pass laws with no constitutional bearing and expect us to obey like good lemmings. That needs to end.

Turn off your TV and educate your child on their responsibilities as a citizen of the US. Tell them about how our forefathers fought and died for every freedom we possess and to never allow anyone to take them away. Teach them about personal responsibility and how their behavior reflects on your family. Make them understand the value of honesty and hard work. Make sure they have dreams to accomplish and all the tools needed to succeed. We must ensure they have the tools to rebuild this country and become great Leaders of a free society.

Get your children involved in community programs such as Boy Scouts or another character building program. Give them the ability to take care of themselves and function in an emergency. Teach them to be leaders and how to care for the less fortunate out of respect for humanity, not compulsory taxes.

Teach them to be self sufficient. Let them know what happened during Sandy and Katrina to people who relied upon the government to save them. Live like a citizen and lead by example. How you act and what you accomplish is paramount to teaching the proper mindset for surviving the coming trials we face.

The America of yesteryear is dead, replaced with a luke warm socialist regime paid for by the profits of a kangaroo capitalist market and controlled by looters bought an paid for with corporate greed. They will not leave office until America is a corpse and our children are slaves. We must prevent their agenda from becoming law at all costs.

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