Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Repost From the Day After the Election.

Nov 10th, 2012 Repost

Upset is putting it mildly. I'm pissed, royally, red faced, monkey butted mad! Here we are in 2012 and not a soul has figured out that the road we are traveling down is filled with the dead bodies and dreams of our children. I have 2 beautifully innocent boys aged 7 and 10 years who have no idea what their future holds. Unfortunately, I do. Bankruptcy, servitude, hate and suffering. We as a nation cannot support our social agenda of open ended entitlement programs. Federal Welfare, both for the rich and poor must be abolished immediately. Federal government control of responsibilities designated to the states must be abolished. Government extortion of states rights must be stopped at all costs. This November we had an opportunity to shake up the imperialist parties and show them that if they don't start representing our interests and stopping the crap we'd find another benefactor to protect our rights. Yet the general, uninformed lemmings among us have once again assured our socioeconomic destruction by keeping team red and blue in power. It's madness!

So many people saying to "Get Over It" or just get along with the adversary. That's impossible. It's asking the lamb to walk into the lions cage and offer the lion a big kiss to get their attention. These people are divided so far that they won't even talk to each other. They only agree on one thing. Limiting the rights of the citizens. The last bill to limit first amendment rights was passed by all but 5 members of congress. This bill disallowed the first amendment use while a secret service agent is present. AKA- no protesting around government officials. Madness! This is the cornerstone of free speech!

QE Infinity. The practice of printing Billions after billions of dollars supporting mortgage backed securities is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of. People are out there building homes using phantom money printed in the fed while there are literally millions of empty homes out there that need new owners. This practice further erodes the values of homes to the point that the day you move into your new home you've lost 15% of it's value. If you got in on another 5% down Fred's Fannie deal, you are underwater in your nice, new (might as well be built with cardboard) tract home.

Our federal government is spending Trillions more than it takes in every year. Much of this money is spent to finance the debt accrued in the last hundred years. About 440+ Billion. Lets look at that number. 440,000,000,000. Now lets divide that number by the population of the us. 307,212,123. That's 1,432.23 of your tax money PER PERSON in your household just to finance the debt. There is no benefit or good that comes from this money. It's thrown away, just like the bailout money it finances! Then we start talking about government services, which really, what type of service do we get from them? Nothing good.

The bailouts. Too big to fail was my favorite tag line. It's so preposterous that it's sickening. We had bankers lobbying our government about the best way to handle the bank failures. The very same people responsible for creating the housing bubble and junk bonds and junk mortgage holdings. They played a shell game with the losses until they could no longer hide it, then they marched into the oval office and demanded money while explaining the doom that would follow the failures. Guess what, they failed anyway. The world didn't end. GM still declared bankruptcy, and they will again pretty soon. They paid back the bailout money with TARP bailout money so they could get rid of government oversight and start the ball rolling with huge bonuses for the executives. It's a farce and you and I are the punchline. They are buying million dollar homes with money that our children will have to repay.

The politicians must look down from their mighty thrones and laugh themselves unconscious when they consider how bad they treat us, only to be re-elected time and time again. Who can blame them? We've allowed them to make their positions so profitable that they don't ever want to leave. These people ( I use the term loosely) are so brazen that they have made is a law to get a raise every year. They have to vote to NOT get a raise. They manipulate social security so that beneficiaries get less money by falsely reducing the amount of inflation. The reported inflation is 2%. Seriously. Anyone who has gone shopping regularly over the past 6 months knows this is a lie. If you use the 1980 formula for inflation we have 9% per year inflation. That means that ever dollar you had at the beginning of the fiscal year will only buy 90 cents worth of goods. It's the easy way to make people poor! Print money and devalue their paychecks. That means if you didn't get a 9% raise this year, you took a pay cut.Think about that. They are cutting costs for the corporations (that bought their political seats) to compete with emerging markets.

The markets are a joke as well. This recovery is based on science fiction. Inflation based stock price increases that have no basis in market value. It's a giant shell game that this week has shown to be over valued. The icing on the cake? Gas prices. The day of the election prices were 40 cents lower than the day before. How the heck can that NOT be market manipulation. They think we're dumb and short sighted enough to be happy that the prices are down a couple days and vote to keep the current douche nozzle in charge instead of the opposing douche. They were right! Complete and utter morons! The parties kept stock prices up just like they kept gas prices down to make us happy on election day. Once the music stops, look what happened. 300 point DOW drop and a 40 cent increase on election day +1.

There is only one answer. End the 2 party system, outlaw business entity political contributions, Cut the pay of legislative branch to the point it's no longer a golden parachute, make legislators abide by the laws they pass, Term limits, End legislating from the bench, allow for impeachment of supreme court justices, these people are the ones who are supposed to be upholding the constitution, instead they erode it and ignore the very document that gives them power. "Shall not be infringed" is pretty clear, even for us dumb people. Why a supposed constitutional law professor can't read is beyond me.

Hold government office holders personally accountable for their actions. If they screw up, they pay for the lawsuit. I'm tired of paying for government ineptitude.

That is all for now. I'm attempting to setup a blog site, so I'll keep you updated.


  1. This is such a great post, and covers so many aspects of the issues this nation is facing, but the majority seem to ignore. Would you mind if I re-post it over on my Father-In-Law's blog?

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