Sunday, March 8, 2015

Big day today- Daylight saving time events.

Today is the day we cut the bottom off our blankets and sew it to the top to make them longer....

That also indicates that it's time to do plenty of other things. Here's a list of those things in order of importance.

1. Rotate food stock, check lists for expiring products. Sunday
2. Pull bags and swap out winter gear. -Complete
3. Replace batteries in emergency gear and recharge any drained ones.-Complete
4. Inventory bags. -Complete
5. Test cylinders and stoves. -Complete
6. Check firearms and wipe down. Sunday
7. Store winter gear. -Complete
8. Get the camping bags updated. -Complete

I've got a few empty buckets to fill as well. I consolidated some things this winter and need to fill in the calories we used. We used a few things this winter when the wifester was working 12-18 hour days at home while I was off conquering the universe. It was a better option for her to raid our stores than braving the weather. My wife isn't best best driver under normal circumstances, let alone when exhausted. She's handling European based clients on their schedule, so she regularly gets up at 2-3 am for calls. Makes it tough to get out on a regular basis for grocery runs. She is currently taking my youngest to his Parkour class and will be hitting the warehouse store on the way back. Manchild #1 will be helping with bags once he gets his chores done.

All Caches are good to go. Need to toss some gear into the Grey Man cache, but other than that, they can be left be until fall. Cahce #2 will go back to it's regular location after spring break.

Planning a camping trip with the boys at the beginning of summer, so we need to get manchild #2 outfitted a bit better than he is now. His current backpack is a cheapo ACU unit that was bought a few years ago to hold his gear in one place conveniently. It was never meant to be used as a backpacking unit. If we have enough time today, I'd like to go hike our equipment a few miles and work the kinks out. #1 hasn't hiked in a long time and if we plan to do the hike I want to this spring, he's going to need the practice.

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