Thursday, March 19, 2015

New 380 Ammunition Choice

There's A new contender in the 380 pocket gun ammunition challenge. MAC, Military Arms Channel is a local guy that does youtube videos and also has a gun shop called Copper Customs. He's a nice guy, and I've been told that I met him a while back. I don't remember it, but others seem to? In this video he details the performance of ball and 2 different loads of a new bullet design. From the results, I'm going to make a change away from ball to these bullets. Impressive to say the least. Ryan over at Total Survivalist Blog, formerly TSLRF, has made the purchase of an LCP custom by Ruger. I'd say that the Underwood loading of this bullet seems like a no brainer, making 380 pocket guns a far more viable option with these results. I may even try "Stacking" my ammo, starting with the first couple rounds as hollow point, then the rest as the Underwood loading.

The gun culture crowd has certainly come a long way from it's infancy in the 80's. I can remember reading guns and ammo and waiting for the next magazine to come out in order to see the new stuff that's coming into the market place. Rarely did the magazines test the products in such a manner as these videos, so we were left to either test it ourselves or trust the gimmicky advertising. I made a Fackler box and test all my ammo to determine the best, but never had a venue to show the results. Today we have the advantage of social media and free testing galore. It's a glorious time for Gun Culture in America.


  1. Meister, I saw that today also! On a fairly related note Buffalo Bore makes a standard velocity 100ish gr flat nosed cast round that shows some promise.

    Probably going to order some of those new fancy boolets.

    1. It seems to be a win win. I'm dubious until I can get my grubby mits on some and hit something with them.


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