Monday, March 9, 2015

The Training We Hate: Part #4 Combatives/Handgun Deployment

Monderno Pelvic Region Targeting Article

This is a great article for people who train often. It shows a couple of strategies that have been proven false or unreliable. In the civilian world, we train for situations that we expect to fall in to. That means close quarters fighting and in most cases, powder burns will be prevalent. Some trainers will say to shoot your way up the body in a close altercation, some preach Thoracic cavity and others the 2 in the body/on in the head approach. Overwhelming violence of action will always be the best option, and shot placement is king. Body armor is becoming more and more common and affordable for the masses, I believe it will be a matter of time before we see thugs using it commonly. Center of mass will have limited success, and the heads and hips strategy will be your only option. Dropping an entire mag into the chest of an assailant, only to find them armored is a worst case scenario.

Ryan over at just purchased an LCP, one of my favorite deep cover guns. It's limited capacity would be a huge hindrance should an assailant be armored. I carry my LCP more than any other weapon, and I've trained with a blue gun in a combatives class trying to pull and utilize it and a full size weapon while being attacked. It's far more difficult than I had ever imagined. The instructor slapped me on the head a few times and stunned me before I could bring the weapon on target, and I was ready for him. Forget the idea that you will be able to pull off the perfect draw stroke and aim in a fight. Not going to happen. Like all things survival, be prepared for the worst.

The pictures in this article show a person training to fight at point blank range, which is where you may find yourself. In my classes, I only teach grip and stance to beginners, because once you develop the fundamentals of your shooting technique, you will rarely find yourself at standoff distance with an assailant unless you are a badge or military. I'm a huge proponent of fighting to cover and shooting and moving. Stance means you are standing still, which is what soon to be dead people do.

I suggest you get some training in lethal, non lethal and improvised weapon combat. When properly trained, you will be able to create distance and be able to utilize your weapon more easily, or better yet, get away from the altercation all together.I hear all to often the false adage that if you have a gun, you don't need to learn to fight hand to hand. I disagree. Go pay your money to someone to slap you around a bit and learn to deal with close in threats.

My last thought is to make sure your situational awareness is engaged all the time. This will make you a hard target and will more than likely keep you from getting tangled up in a bad situation that was chosen by your opponent.

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