Saturday, March 14, 2015

Never a Dull Moment

So this morning my youngest wakes up with a fever and we keep him home. I really wish we just home schooled him, he's not bred for sitting in a classroom for 6 hours a day. He's meant to run wild on a farm and raise animals, dig in the dirt and get dirty. Much like myself, he was born a hundred years too late. He was really good and even helped the construction guys load tile, grout and a few other items into the house. He's a great kid when he's occupied and busy, but much like a young dog, he will do something, anything to entertain himself if left to his own devices. It's not always constructive.

I've been really busy with classes this week, and it seems that in today's society, it's perfectly OK for a student to blow off class and not have the instructor's time in mind when screwing them over. It's been happening fairly often recently, so it's going to be addressed in our next meeting. I personally wouldn't think of standing up an instructor that is giving me lifesaving instruction, but not everyone in society considers the big picture anymore.

The wife is once again considering a move to a socialist foreign country. It's one that speaks English, has good weather and its economy is very stable. The place is crime free and super clean. Crime is dealt with expediently and with brutal terms. There are very few repeat offenders, and drugs are a capital crime.

I would have to give up my guns and leave them here, but to be able to live the dream of doing one of my favorite pass times (SCUBA) year round would be a big plus.

Our house is in the middle of a renovation at the moment, and 4 rooms are getting work done. 2 are getting gutted, the utility room is getting swapped around and had an instant water heater installed, allowing room for a slop sink and water softener. The house will be totally repainted once the work is done. Glad the season is changing so we can finally get our HVAC system replaced as well. If she takes that job abroad, we might need to sell.

I'm just ready to go buy an abandoned farm somewhere out west. The trappings of modern society are boring to me. I'd prefer to live a simpler life that fills my soul more than my pocket book. We've been off cable TV for over 2 years now. It was a huge time sucker and did nothing but teach our kids consumerism and poor life choices.

My next big endeavor may be a book. I'm considering writing a survivalist fiction book based on some real life decisions I've had to make, as well as juxtaposing my experiences and imagination with what I believe will be the future of this country. I have a title, theme and settings, just need to develop some characters and actions.

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